Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Black Stallion

When I was a girl to say I was a bookworm would be an understatement. I made it my mission in life to read a book a day. A goal that I accomplished frequently. Of all the books I read (some of them over and over) my absolute favorites were the Black Stallion Series by Walter Farley. Later in the series there was even a book called The Black Stallion and the Girl. Her name was Pam and she had long blonde hair. She actually rode the Black and I just knew that the book was written for me.

I spent many days reading in the formosa tree in the churchyard next door. It was my own private fairyland. Even better was the apple tree - but the neighbors cut it down.

I saved all my books into adulthood, but when we decided to move to Florida I had a yardsale and I sold many of them. ( I regret selling those books to this day) I had all my Black Stallion books in the same box and I heard a little girl excitedly calling her mom over when she saw them. She was in tears (of happiness) as she poured over each book in the box. It was obvious that she loved the Black Stallion as much as I did. She looked like a child on Christmas morning.

I knew her mom and I knew she couldn't afford those books even at yardsale prices. I was drawn to the little girl and we sat down and talked - ignoring everybody at the yardsale. She loved that horse as much as I did and when I showed her the Black Stallion and the Girl she thought it was the ultimate that the girls name was Pam too. When we finished talking I handed her the whole box of books. The gift took her breath and she told me her mommy couldn't afford those books.

I told her that I didn't want money that she had given me a gift that nobody else could give me. My books were going to be loved by someone as much as I had loved them. I told her that the only thing I wanted from her was that if she ever decided she didn't want the books anymore to pass them on to some other little girl. She assurred me that would never happen and I knew she was telling me the truth. I have never regreted what happenned to those books.


Anonymous said...

I read all those books too, over and over again. I love your story about the little girl.

Punguin said...

What a sweet story. Those books must have been something. So many people loved them!