Friday, May 6, 2011

a hilarious moving story

A friend of mine who shall remain nameless told me that when her husband and son helped her daughter move they found an "adult toy" under the bed when they moved it! She thought this was hilarious because both father and daughter were mortified. The brother, of course, won't let either of them live it down.

On a scale of 1 to 10 that was amazing...

...I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

My uncle and aunt gave me a tv yesterday. They tried to give me $20 for gas but I told them it seemed ridiculous for me to take money when they were giving me a television. They also gave me a large frozen turkey. Today Eddie smoked half of it and I baked the other half. Both Eddie and I will keep some and I am putting portions in baggies to distribute throughout the building.

I'll bet this blog wasn't what you were expecting.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I finally got those new glasses

Actually I got 2 pair. They cost just shy of $200.00 which is a great deal. I tried to get by with one pair but the optician told me one pair would be $145.00 so I figured "what the hell, I might as well get the deal."

They advertize 2 pair for $138.00 but I have to have progressive lenses which cost more. I could have got by for $168.00 but for $25.00 more they tinted and added a year lens guarantee. Basically I got a pair of prescription sunglasses for $55.00!

I have 30 days to go back and add the $25.00 scratch guarantee to the other pair and I will do that next month. I am rough on glasses so it will be worth it.

If I were rich I would be like Elton John and have a pair of glasses to match every outfit!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Every 5 Years

Here is what I was doing at 5 year intervals in my life.

2011 - trying to get better ( and making progress with my heart) June 21, 2006 is the five year anniversary of my heart failure and I have beat the odds if I make it to that day.

2006 - I was working as night manager at Travel Centers of America in Winfield, WV. I was also working parttime at Fruth and parttime in a puppy mill. ( I found homes for around 20 maltese and yorkies and convinced the woman to give away 30 or 40 more to adoption groups around the country.

I was living on 35 acres out on route 35. I traded in my dad's van for my little red ranger because the gas was eating me up. I was falling asleep on my feet (literally, I would go to sleep when I was actually walking)

2001 - Working at Fruth. Staying at Sis's being her pool girl. I think that's the year I didn't have money to make my car legal so I peeled off the sticker and painted it red. When I got caught driving with it I had to work at the dump to pay off my fine. Sis came and helped me on the last day so my time would be cut in half and I helped to clean her pool as payment.

1996 - Working at Tri State Greyhound Park in Raines Kennel. I briefly trained for ZEZ Kennel.

1991 - Working at Palm Beach Kennel Club trying to make a name for myself - I did.

1986 - Working for my Dad in Gallipolis, Oh. and then Logan WV.

1981 - Got in trouble for robbing Star Market after my dad kicked me out of the house.

1976 - 8th grade - They moved me into 8-1 (the smart kids) after placing me in 7-4 which was the smartest of the dumb kids. I ended up in 9-3 (dumbest of the smart kids). Those numbers signify the grades we were in and the group they put us in in that grade. There were 7 groups in each grade.

I started playing softball - I think

1971 - 3rd. Grade - Mrs. Mays. She had us secretly donate 2 cents per week and every Friday afternoon we would have a candy party during art class. She was also my piano teacher. That was the year I found out there was no Santa Claus

1966 - 4 years old. I think I can remember living in a garage apartment on the East End of Logan. I think I can remember my dad washing a car in the creek and I accidentally let my toy broom float away.

1961 - I was conceived on Halloween

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Give 'Em the Reward

Even though we will probably never know (and don't need to know for their protection) who killed Bin Laden, there was a substantial reward for his capture.

Split it up between those Navy Seals that took him out!

They deserve it and I can guarantee you our government does know who did it and they should have every penny of that money.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Origin of My NEED to Save Animals

When I was a kid people would drop off animals at our house all the time. We were always saving some poor dog or cat and even an occasional rabbit or parakeet. On the darker side if an animal caused any problems whatsoever my mom would "take them off" herself. I swore many times as we left some poor dog by the tracks or on some country road and I watched them chase us as we sped away that I would NEVER do something like that.

One time we had too many dogs so my mom decided to take 2 of them off. We took them to Madison and she dropped them off on the road to the carlot that we owned. A week later my mom decided that we missed the 2 dogs so bad that she would go back and get them. Those 2 dogs were actually sitting in the exact same spot where we had left them the week before. When we stopped to get them they were looking at us like "well it took you long enough!"

Then there was Brownie. Brownie was dropped off at our house. A couple of days after she was dropped off it became obvious that she was pregnant. Donna (the neighbor who took care of as many strays as we did) came over and asked my mom what we were going to do about Brownie. She wanted to take her off before the puppies were born.

My mom told her that we would raise the puppies and find them homes and hopefully get a home for Brownie as well. We took care of Brownie while she was pregnant. We took care of her and her puppies until they were 5 weeks old. Then my mom decided to give away the pups and take off Brownie. But she decided to take off Brownie BEFORE she found a home for the pups.

She drove Brownie to a hollow about 3 miles from the house and put her out. Brownie chased us until the car drove out of sight. The next morning Brownie was back at the house with her puppies. She had actually found us again! So we gave away ALL the pups to good homes. Nobody would take Brownie. Mom took her off again. We never saw her again.

Now before everybody starts ragging on my mom you need to realize that we took care of hundreds of strays over the years and rarely did she resort to taking dogs off. My mom now takes care of every stray cat in her neighborhood as well as the stray cats at my uncle's house down the road. She catches each cat (when possible - some are wild). She gets them fixed and takes care of fleas and ticks and shots for them as well. If she can get a home for them she does. If she can't they live outside and she makes sure they are fed and watered and she foots the occasional vet bill for sickness or injuries as well.

She taught me to take care of little animals and they will take care of you.