Saturday, May 15, 2010

the goal is NOT to cap the leak...

the goal is to cap the leak and to still extract usable oil.

If they wanted to just cap the leak it could have already been done - which would have averted millions of dollars worth of ecological damage.

Instead they keep trying to figure out ways to still get usable oil - that is why the leak has not been capped.

Who cares if ice crystals formed in the first dome. At least the leak would have been stopped or at the very least lessened.

The BP corporate executives are still only worried about the BP bottom line - screw the rest of the world that is being affected by this ongoing spill.

While I'm at it I would like to point out that EXXON has still not paid for the Valdez oil spill. It has been cheaper to keep the battle in court for all these years than it is to foot the bill for the spill.

In the meantime congress will continue to hold more worthless hearings with no result. A further waste of money. If they are not going to take any action after these hearings then there is no reason to hold them.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kudos to Huntington Bank

I want to take a minute to give Huntington Bank of West Virginia a pat on the back.

If I would not have gotten sick my truck would have been paid off this month (probably early but this was the actual month from the original loan). I still have my truck because they were so willing to work with me about my payments. I don't remember the exact course of events because I was so sick but I do know they let me go several months with no payment whatsoever. Then for about 6 months I made partial payments (usually just the interest).

If more banks would work with people like they did me then maybe this country wouldn't be in the mess it is in right now. As it stands my little red ranger will be paid off in January or February, I am not sure which. At least I still have the truck.

That is how my dad did business. I still remember when I was working for him as a secretary when I was only 15. The first time somebody came in and wanted to make only a partial payment I panicked. I called my dad and he came out and promptly apologized to the people for my reaction. He explained that I was young and didn't know any better (which they could see). After they left he explained to me that a partial payment was better than no payment. They get to keep the truck and he doesn't have to reposess it and try to resell it.

Everybody wins!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Top 10 Favorite Blogs (that I wrote)

I will post each one separately. Although not necessarily in order.

1. The Last Time I Was On a Swinging Bridge - about the time my cousins tortured me as I tried to cross a broken down old bridge. It is hilarious (I think)

2. Awful Knawful - about my brother's phenomenal prowess on a bicycle when we were kids

3. Lisa is Dead - about the murder of my sister in law by my brother - a warning to women everywhere about being a battered wife.

4. The Day My Dad Died - what went wrong when my dad died at the nursing home - it's informative

5. Christmas 1970 - a very special Christmas when I had my doubts about Santa Claus

6. My $100,000 Video That Wasn't - about the time I went parasailing for my birthday

7. The Worst Dogfight I Ever Broke Up - the title says it all

8. Alligator Attack - the time an alligator attacked my truck

9. Kim Hunt's Favorite Story - about the time I got caught driving naked (hilarious)

10. The World's Biggest Snowball - how we kids came together to build the world's biggest snowball

My Truck is Fixed! My Truck is Fixed!

This is a monumental load off my mind. At first the mechanic told me it was the alternator and it would cost almost $400.00. This was terrible but doable. I talked to my landlord and he said I could wait until next month to pay my rent. That money plus my whole next paycheck and a small loan from Eddie was going to get me my truck. What a relief. I was going to be broke for a few months but at least I would have my truck.

It took one walk to the bustop for me to learn that my entire life is dependent on that truck. I have always known it in theory. It was a whole another ballgame to prove that without that truck I would be dead. Things were looking pretty bleak for me.

Then they called back and told me it was just the battery afterall. It was only going to cost me $131.00. I was thrilled. I will be able to pay part of my rent this month and I won't have any problem playing catch up next month because I just won't make my truck payment. It is paid ahead a month. That was my way of putting money in the bank.

I can't have money in the bank because I have very poor impulse control now. I didn't used to be this way, I think it is lack of oxygen that causes it. So instead of trying to save money (which never happens - if I have it I spend it) I just take any little extra I have and make a bigger car payment. This worked out fine except it was going to take a month for me to get to the money because I had just made a payment the day before.

Anyway I have my truck. I can work again. I had to call in sick the other night because I can't schlep my O2 to the bustop and I don't make enough to pay a cab to take me to and from work. My boss was not pleased but she also knew the situation was unavoidable.

sorry for the boring blog. But I'm happy.

Monday, May 10, 2010

censorship test

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