The blog idea came from AryanaAryana but it was just, "The happiest day of my life." But that's a hard one. I have had so many of them. A few in particular stand out but at different times in my life different things made me happy. So I think I'll try a top 10 list.

1. The day I got married. It turned out to be really special even though we eloped. We asked at least 5 different ministers to marry us before we found one that would and he told us he was busy so come back in a few hours. (haha) I remember standing at the pulpit surprised at how pretty that little country church was and happy to be joining my life partner and best friend for life.

2. I take joy in each spring day and spend as much time as possible outside appreciating the joy and beauty of nature around me.

3. I was on my 35 acres. It was a perfect day. I had just set up my pool and was lounging in it while smoking a big scoober. I remember thinking,"it doesn't get any better than this. Something has to happen to mess it up." I had my 2 white German Shepherds, my lab mix, my Yorkie and Chinese crested and Maltese and a couple of cats. Oh and 2 chickens named Louise and Eloise. I was well on my way to building "Pam's Park".

Well something did happen. My brother murdered his wife a week later on the same day that my aunt kicked me out of the house, no less! I was also surprised at how weak I was when I was moving. It was the first sign that I had heart disease but I didn't know it.

4. I had a happy childhood. Most kids would be lucky to spend it like I did.

5. Each anniversary with my ex husband. We celebrated the 4th. of July more than our wedding anniversary because that was the day we met.

6. All the days raising my first litter of greyhound puppies

7. Time spent with Eddie. He showed me that maybe I wasn't dying even though I was very sick. He has also been the source of great misery. But I have actually enjoyed the downs as much as the ups because I was too sick to feel anything for a few years.

8. My ex husband and I were professional tourists. We would throw on crazy tourist clothes and go to some attraction in Florida and play up the crazy hillbilly couple thing and get all kinds of perks. LOL

9. My high school graduation. I remember thinking how special it was at the time. The same feeling I had at my wedding. I was able to recognize I was experiencing a once in a lifetime event while I was in the midst of it. The same feeling I had at my wedding.

10, I have basically had a very happy life. The last few years have been tough but I made it through them. I was surprised to learn when I joined the real world (as opposed to my life as a greyhound trainer) that most people slog it out most everyday of their lives and many have never even had a vacation. I just can't imagine living that way. I have always been able to plan something special many times with no money. A lot of living life is in your attitude. It can make all the difference in the world.