Friday, October 22, 2010

What is the Scariest Thing I Have Ever Seen in a Movie?

For me, it is still that scene in The Omen. That kid is trapped under the ice and he is pounding and trying to break through it to breathe....I just can't imagine and I really don't want to try. Actually that is the scene that sticks with me.

In the movie ,The Ring, I kept wondering what in the world could scare somebody so bad they would die in a frozen scream. The first time I saw that little girl crawl out of the tv, I actually fell over the back of my couch. hahahahahaha - that was the best scare ever!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Last Visit with My Beautiful Granny?

I received an email on Tuesday that my granny wasn't expected to live through the week. She is 84 years old and has been in a nursing home for the past year. She had another heart attack.

I went to visit her. I walked into the room to see a small shell of a woman who just a few short years ago nothing could keep down. She was sleeping and I didn't want to wake her. I sat there a few minutes and I decided to go get her a card because I know how much she loves them.

I found a lovely Halloween Candy bouquet which she couldn't have but I bought it anyway. I know from taking care of my dad that a little candy goes a long way in a hospital room. When I got back to her room she was still sleeping but there was a container of yogurt beside her bed. I decided to see if I could get her to eat.

I woke her up and at first she didn't know who I was but I kept talking to her and feeding her the "strawberry pudding". It wasn't long before she realized it was me. We talked a lot but I couldn't understand much of what she was saying. It didn't matter. We were both happy. (I am her oldest grandchild) I showed her the bouquet I bought her. I told her it was beautiful, fall flowers. She loved it. I remember her house being decorated with amber and scarlet and green and gold.

Then my Aunt Wanda came in. She gave me an update on granny's health. All of a sudden my beautiful granny started to sing a hymn. I had been coaxing her before my aunt came in but I had forgotten about it. Granny looked so happy and so did my aunt for that matter. She said granny hadn't been that active in days. As granny sang you could see the joy on her face and the happiness in her voice. She sang a hymn that I do not know the name of. She sang of "no more sorrow, no more pain", and "a beautiful day". My granny was an evangelist and religion was the most important thing in her life.

It was a good visit. I hope to have another.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Ihave generally made it a policy to avoid graveyards especially at night. The only time I have ever been in a graveyard at night was with two friends.
We were walking a trail and got caught out after dark and we had to pass through a very old cemetery on our way out of the woods. I was leading the way and we were walking single file because the trail was narrow.
All of a sudden I heard a thunderous noise coming down the mountain right at me. I screamed and took off running absolutely terrorized out of my mind. I heard Oscar and James cackling uproariously and I knew that they had played a joke on me.
James had taken a large rock and thrown it up the mountain so that it would roll down right at my feet. His aim was perfect. I couldn't have been more scared if someone had risen from the dead (which is what I thought had happened)!

Monday, October 18, 2010

"There's something in my closet"

...That's what I said, waking my mom up for probably the millionth time in my life. Her response was the usual, "Pam, go back to bed. There's nothing there." What she didn't know is that this time I really wasn't sleepwalking. I had been awakened by a noise in my closet and I had lain there telling myself I was dreaming but I kept hearing the noises. I had lain there quite a long time actually, trying to get the nerve to jump out of bed and go to her because I knew I wasn't dreaming and the noises wouldn't stop.

Finally I had the nerve to jump out of bed and race down the hall to mommy and when I kept insisting that I wasn't sleeping she got up to show me that, once again, there was nothing in my closet. She went into my room with me following on her heels and turned the light on. Just as she reached for the closet door, she heard it too. It was a shuffling noise and it kind of squeaked. She looked at me nervously and I could see she was thinking, "hey, there really is something in there," but she still reached for the door and opened it.

There in the back of my closet was our cat Sarah Jane and she was having kittens. It was such a relief to see her there. Mommy said, "See, it's nothing to be scared of. There's always a good excuse for these kinds of things." Then she proceeded to make sure Sarah Jane was comfortable and had everything she needed to have her babies. She shut the door and told me to go back to bed and we would check on her in the morning.

I was still up half the night, worried about the cat and kittens. I finally fell asleep and I missed the school bus. She took me to school and unfortunately it happened to be the first day at the Junior High School across town because the wall had fallen at our school and they had to close it. I was mortified as I went in late. The grouchy school secretary was mad because she had to show me where the auditorium was which didn't make me feel any better. She stomped down the hall and slammed the door open with a loud crash and I had to walk in to the stares of the whole school.

Something which any teenage would be cringing about - and I was.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halloween Horror Story By damnpamn

I was driving along the rural roads of West Virginia enjoying a beautiful fall day. All of a sudden my tire blew out. The force of the explosion nearly sent me over the side of the mountain but I managed to maintain control and get my car safely to a wide spot beside the road.

I sat there a minute thinking about my prediciament. In the past I would have just jumped out and changed the tire but my heart condition was making this minor problem a major ordeal. I knew I had no choice. I had to change the tire, I just needed to make sure that I took my time and took plenty of breaks.

I went around to the passenger side of my truck and reached behind the seat to undo the toggle that held the tire iron and jack in place. Then I went to the back of the truck to find the hole in the bumper so I could start to loosen the spare tire underneath the truck. After only a couple of turns I had to rest. I dropped the tailgate and plopped down on it.

"Jeez, this is going to take forever." I thought to myself. I looked around, wishing that I had just stayed home. "Who cares about fall leaves. I could see them just as easy out the window," I chastized myself. Things were not looking good for me. After a few minutes I got up and started to turn the tire iron again. Again I was too tired to go on after only a few turns. As I leaned against the bed of the truck I saw a man rounding the curve.

"I hope this is a good, ole boy I thought to myself." I straightened myself up so that I at least looked like a human being instead of the ragged mess that I felt like. As he got close to the truck he saw my tire and he smiled at me.

"Could ya use some help," he asked?

"Yes, I sure could." I smiled back at him. "I am so glad you came along when you did."

"Yeah, you could have been here all day waiting on somebody to come by here," he said.

"Oh no I wouldn't," I said. "I was going to change it myself. I just have to take my time, that's all."

"No need for that," he said, "I'll have it changed in a jiffy." He proceeded to change the tire while we talked about the weather, the leaves and such. In a few minutes he was finished. He threw the tire the back and said, "well, I'll see you later. Have a nice day."

"Wait," I said. "Can I give you a ride? It's the least I can do after you changed my tire for me."

"That's alright." He said. "I just live around the next curve."

"Well jump in," I said. "I'll feel much better if you let me drop you off."

He got in the truck and we started down the road. Around the next curve was a road that turned to the left. "Just let me out here," he told me, "I live at the end of that road." Of course I didn't listen. I immediately turned down the dirt road that was so rutted that I had to ease my way along. It was nothing out of the ordinary for this neck of the woods though.

I made my way along that dirt road for about a half a mile when we came to a dead end. There was no house. No nothing. Just an illegal trash dump that stunk to high heaven. Alarm bells started to go off in my head. I knew I was in trouble. I rammed the gear into reverse just as he slammed his left forearm into my face.

I jammed my foot against the gas and flung the truck around as hard as I could flinging him against his door of the truck. It threw him off balance just enough that it made him let up just a little as he was punching me and I was getting weaker and weaker. I knew my only hope was to build up enough speed to make him afraid that we would wreck.

As I rammed the gear to go forward I saw him take a knife out of his pocket and I threw my arm up as he sliced down and me and cut my forearm. I still had my foot rammed against the gas and we were building up speed! The truck careened forward and bounced from side to side on the ridges in that bumpy dirt road!

"YOU BITCH! STOP!" He screamed at me and he went to cut me again. But I drove the truck into the nearest tree making sure that the brunt of the impact was on his side of the truck. The air bags deployed. It didn't matter. We were both dead, but at least I took him with me and I spent eternity making him one miserable ghost.

I Love a Good Scare!

One time when I was about 15 my parents left after we had gone to bed. I was lying in bed just dozing off when my closet door flung open and slammed against the wall! My brother jumped up and screamed at me in the doorway! I screamed what was probably the most terrorized scream of my life. It was a deep, gutteral scream that came from the depths of my soul. I sincerely thought that Frankenstein (my brother was about 6 foot tall) was coming to get me.

I never slept with my bedroom door open ever again.
Billy had taken over an hour to silently crawl into my bedroom so that he could scare the crap out of me! We still laugh about that scream to this day.