Saturday, May 26, 2012

OMG! How cute are these?

These puppies are in foster care by the Logan County Pound. This means they are being cared for by a family so they will be properly socialized to go into a home.

Call 304-753-1876 for more information.

Friday, May 25, 2012

this weeks pets are particularly adorable

The Logan County Pound is a High Kill Pound. Call 304-752-1876 for adoption info. Most of the animals I have shown in previous weeks have been killed already. Did I mention that they kill them by putting them in a decompression chamber which sucks all the air out of their bodies and then they are cremated.

Summer is here and they have no air conditioning at the shelter either.

I Finally Got My Dishes But the Price Was Too High

There is a woman who comes to Lee Terrace a few times a year and sets up a flea market in the community room. Two different times she has had a set of beautiful, antique dishes. One was the famous Blue Willow pattern and the other was a lovely, pink floral set trimmed in gold.

Both times I was amazed that she only wanted $10 for the whole set. Both times I left for my apartment to get the money to buy them. Both times Lillian swooped in behind me and bought the dishes out from underneath me.

I took it good naturedly as one does with the spoils of war, but the second time I asked her to sell me the dishes because she already had one set. She agreed. When I went to buy them she changed her mind but promised me that if she ever decided to sell them then she would sell them to me. Over the last couple of years I asked a couple of times but she didn't want to sell them. We would joke about her buying "MY DISHES" though.

Lillian died yesterday. She was 89 years old. She had health problems but she was still full of life and wasn't ready to go. But it was her time.

Today her family was in the building putting her possessions out on the table for anyone to take. (much of the stuff was stuff I have had donated to clothe and feed residents of the building) I decided to ask them about the dishes. They wanted to sell them and they agreed to sell me both sets for $20. $10 a set which is what Lillian paid for them.

Now I have my dishes.

I would rather still be joking with Lillian about her buying "MY DISHES" though.

I will take pictures of them later.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Who likes my "Just Showing Some Love" graphic on my page?

Showing Some Love Image




General Chuck Yeager

1. Jennifer Garner

2. Brad Paisley

3. Mary Lou Retton

4. Don Knotts

5. Joyce Dewitt

6. Bob Denver(Gilligan) lived here for the last 20 years of his life

7. Soupy Sales

8. Pearl S. Buck

9. Chuck Woolery (people from Huntington like to claim him even though he was born across the river in Ashland Kentucky)

10. Jerry West

11. Anna Jarvis (founder of Mother's Day)

12. Randy Moss

13. Charles Manson(ya gotta take the bad with the good)

14. Jessica Lynch (Iraqi War Prisoner)

15. Booker T. Washington

16. Kathy Mattea (country music star)

17. George Brett (baseball player)

18. Chad Pennington

19. John Amos (actor)

20. Bobby Bowden (football coach)

21, John D. Rockefeller IV

22. Cal Ripken

23. Dr. Patch Adams

and of course

Senator Robert C. Byrd