Saturday, April 3, 2010

"Sumthin' 'bout Jesus and sick people"

Queenie - 10 year old

Here is a copy of the Easter Highriser

It is our monthly newsletter at Lee Terrace. When the building manager asked me to include the "Garden Party" he actually called it a "work party." I changed the name because nobody would attend if they thought actual work was involved.

The most popular part of the newsletter is the word search. It is on the back.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Did you ever play "Curves" when you were a kid?

I don't know if all kids do this or just ones raised in West Virginia. "Curves" is a game you play when you are riding along in the car and everytime you go around a curve you lean as hard as you can into the sibling beside you - effectively squashing them!

We loved this game. At least my brother and I did. It seems to me that my little sister always ended up in tears and then we would get in trouble and have to quit playing. Until she would try to get even and start the game over again.

It worked best with a full back seat (there were 3 of us) Of course now everybody is in seatbelts so I guess this game goes in the annals of history along with prank phone calls and the like.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS/a plea for a kidney (for a friend)

Everyone in my building lives there because of some sort of disability. Every now and then you meet someone who makes you want to count your blessings. I have a friend with complete kidney failure. This means he has to be hooked to a dialysis machine for 10 hours a day 7 days a week. Once he gets off the machine he is too weak to even walk across the room. At the end of the day he takes 23 different pills. He can't take them before dialysis because they will just be flushed out of his system. He just got out of the hospital AGAIN after yet another surgery.

In spite of all this he is very pleasant to talk to. Even jovial I might say. He laughs and jokes and is a very nice person. The good news is he is on several hospital waiting lists. The bad news is that most hospitals have their own waiting lists - there is no national kidney registry. I was very surprised to learn this.

Anyway he is looking for a kidney donation from someone with an O negative blood type.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I have to fart...

everytime I am sitting in my doctor's waiting room waiting for him to come and see me. Then I have to pray that the smell disapates before he comes into the room.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Last Time I "changed" a Flat

I was living on my 100 acres and I had just finished mowing a field and taking care of my animals on a blistery, hot, summer day. I was going in the house to clean up and crash for the day when I happened to see that the tire on my car was about 1/2 deflated. I knew that it wouldn't take long for it to flatten the rest of the way so -

I went in the house and took a quick shower and put on a nice outfit and did my make-up and hair. I went out and got into my car and drove about a mile to the grocery store where I parked on the end of the parking lot right next to the road. I went around to my trunk and I threw my spare on the ground, then I threw the tire iron on the ground and I was bent over in the trunk TRYING to get the jack out when a very nice looking man stopped and asked if I needed help. OF COURSE I SAID YES!

As I was standing there talking to him while he changed my tire 3 more men stopped to ask if I needed help. I thanked them all while the first one changed my tire for me after which I thanked him profusely.

The only problem with the whole thing was that I REALLY wanted the 2nd. man to change my tire. But of course I couldn't be rude and send the first one away.

What I've Been Doing for the Past Month

I started out the month hibernating. I am soo glad spring is here finally.

I gave up the key to the computer room. A woman came in and threw a fit on me because I wouldn't let her leave with a mouse and the powers that be did not want to do anything about it. I informed them as I did her when she threw the fit that I didn't take that kind of talk from anybody and I handed over the key to the supervisor. Unlike most of the people in the building I have transportation and it is no big deal to run to the library to use the computer. They also lend DVD's for free or $1.00 for 3 days. That's a great deal and I have been watching lots and lots of movies.

Me and Eddie have been hanging out alot. We are getting much too close for my own good. (sigh) We laugh alot.

I had to endure the dreaded walk to the tax department not once but twice but I DID IT! It knocked me out of commission for about two weeks but I did it and that's the main thing. The last time I had to do it I ended up in tears and I was completely killed for over a month so that is a big improvement.

Fatty Catty has been having trouble with her eyes but overall she is in good health. She really enjoys the heating pad that I got for her.

I lost between 10 and 15 lbs after the robbery. I am trying to maintain the loss. I am no longer on anti anxiety meds either. I still don't have normal reactions to stress but hopefully with time that will change.


Gone to the Dogs is over. It was a series of blogs I wrote about my first year in the greyhound business. If you want to read it from the beginning the first entry is GONE TO THE DOGS - my interview.