Friday, August 28, 2009

It's the boogeyman!

I remember my Pepaw Brennan coming home from the mines and being black as night from head to toe except for the whites of his eyes and his teeth. I was terrified! He would flash those pearly whites at me and I would run screaming in the other direction. I was so scared that if he knew I was there he would stop and rinse off in the creek before he came home so he wouldn't scare me. I do seem to recall the devilish glint in his eye though, so MAYBE he kind of enjoyed it too.

He would make sure that he left something in his dinner bucket for the kids too. (my aunts and uncles are just barely older than I am) Nothing tasted so good as a pack of nabs or a snack cake from that lunch box. Occasionally there would be some "vi-een-nies in there (vienna sausages - that's how we say it around here). We would open that can and share the little sausages. They were great! However you can't pay me to eat one now.

That's my Pepaw and Granny Brennan. The kids are my dad and Aunt Wanda.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mountain Top Mining Around My Hometown

All those bald spots used to be mountains. Each one is bigger than ANY city in WV.

This much damage has been done in the last 10 to 15 years. There is even more damage in Southwestern Kentucky.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Have you ever seen...

A chicken run after it's head was cut off. I did once when I was a little kid. It ran about 50 feet with blood spurting about 6 or 8 inches out of it's neck! Then it fell over and flapped it's wings with one last giant convulsion.I don't think I was supposed to be around to see it-but I did.

Here's another one for you city folk:

NEVER pick up a dead snake close to it's head. Sometimes it's nerves will cause it to BITE YOU! Not good - especially if it's poisonous!

A Birthday to Remember

On my 12th. birthday I remember being in the family room with both of my Grannies. It was the only family event in my life that I remember both of them being in our house at the same time. (usually we went to their houses)

They were trying to outdo each other and show off for me. These two 55 year old women were doing splits and cartwheels and dancing the Charleston in their house dresses and their very high, Church of God Lady updo's.

We were laughing and having a most excellent time. I don't remember anything else about that birthday. I probably remember that because they went out of their way to tell me


and it didn't.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This song is sung to the tune of "Branded" (the old tv show). It was one of our favorites when we were kids.


Stranded on the toilet bowl!


And you can't reach the roll!

To prove your a man,

You must wipe with your hand,

and smell !


Stranded on the toilet bowl!