Wednesday, March 4, 2009

January 16, 1913

This is a postcard that I found in my Granny Brennan's house.
It is dated January 16, 1916.
The writing is too faded for me to read.
I am trying to find out who it is, I think it is my Great Great Grandpa Salyers and Great Great Grandma Salyers.

Her maiden name was Lola Collins.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Brennan Chrysler Plymouth

These are newspaper articles about my dad's carlot that my Granny Brennan saved. I printed the pictures in the wrong order. Oh well.

One of my favorite stories was about the time a man came running into the showroom of the carlot. Keep in mind the carlot was in rural West Virginia in the 70's. He was upset because he was on his way to the hospital with his wife, she was in labor, and his car had broken down. My dad threw him the keys to a car and told him to bring it back when everything was over. (my dad didn't even know this man)

Later that day the man called my mom at home to thank her for the car and to tell her they had a baby boy. He wanted to know my dad's full name because he wanted to name the baby after him. She told him that she didn't think that he would want to name the baby after my dad once he found out his whole name.

The man insisted, so she told him my dad's name was "William Arnold". The man hesitated a second and then he said, "How about I name him "William Andrew", and so "William Andrew" came into the world.

Pepaw Brennan

This is my Pepaw Brennan when he was a soldier in WWII. I was told once that when he came back from Germany that he had a whole suitcase full of money. I do not know if this was true or not but I do know that this kind of thing happenned.

My dad was only 3 or 4 when Pepaw came home from the war. Granny said he idolized his dad and was excited to see him. Pepaw was not a good dad or husband. He was a mean alcoholic and my dad had to endure many beatings from him.

The other picture was taken at a family reunion in 1980. This was the year I graduated and all was right with my world. In November 1981 I ran into trouble with the law. Nobody in my family wanted anything to do with me - including my parents. Strangely enough Pepaw was the only person who was nice to me or offered me any help whatsoever. He said I was a good kid that just hit on a rough patch and I would get past it - he was right.

WWII Days at Hatfield Bottom

The group picture was taken during WWII. It is the Brennan family when they lived in Hatfield Bottom. Pictured are Marg, Kathleen, Vina Brennan(mother), John Brennan (father).The soldier is my Pepaw Brennan (William) and my Granny Brennan (Elaine) is beside of him. I am not sure who the babies are. They are probably my Aunt Wanda and my Dad. I wouldn't swear to it though.

The picture on the bottom left is my Granny Brennan when she first met my Pepaw Brennan. Her name was Elaine Salyers.

The picture on the bottom right is my Pepaw Brennan when he was 15 years old.