Saturday, September 5, 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

"You Shot My Rabbit!"

After I started training greyhounds, we moved to a trailer way out in the country to be closer to the track. The first morning when I left for work a rabbit jumped out in front of my car and ran about 100 yards and then jumped off into the field. This continued every morning for about a week.

One day I came home from work and Bobby was waiting for me at the door and he had fixed dinner. He proceeded to tell me about the rabbit he shot from the front door of the house. I freaked! "You killed my rabbit!!!!"

In complete amazement ( he had no idea what in the world I was talking about - let alone why I was so upset.) He screamed back, "I did not! What rabbit are you talking about anyway?"

I went on and on about the little rabbit that I had followed every day to work and now it was ! How could he expect me to eat "my rabbit"! Of course he denied that it was my rabbit and he was mad because I refused to eat the dinner he had made.

I never saw "my rabbit" again.

We had a new rule after that. "If it is in sight of the house - it gets to live! NEVER SHOOT ANYTHING OUT THE FRONT DOOR AGAIN! From then on we enjoyed all kinds of wildlife in our front yard. (at least until one of the greyhounds would spot it. then the chase was on!)

Piping in Sunshine

There is a phrase around here.

"They live so far up a hollow, they got to pipe in sunshine"

I always thought it referred to people who were considered to be "backward hillbillies". One day I learned what the phrase really meant. I was going to look at a little place called Frog's Creek that my husband had just rented. This was an unusual move for him. Usually I was the one to pop up and say, "hey, guess what, we're moving." He found this place and called and told me he found the perfect place for us to live and he had already rented it. I was not going to be able to see him that day, so he gave me directions to it.

I was driving through a maze of hollows that I had never been to when all of a sudden it became so dark that I literally had to stop my car on the spot! I was wearing sunglasses and I took them off to look around and I saw a beautiful glade that was so shaded by trees that it was too dark to wear sunglasses and drive any further. It was the middle of a beautiful afternoon too.

I started to laugh because that phrase, "they have to pipe in sunshine," immediately came to mind. I drove on to our new place and he was right.

It was perfect.

The Constitution of the United States

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Concert on Labor Day - Topix


discussion about Massey Picnic

Massey Event Tickets Gone - Topix


local discussion about the Massey Picnic

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Friends of America Rally

In my next blog I have post information about the Friends of America Rally which will be hosted and completely paid for by Massey Coal Company on Labor Day. The picnic which ALL OF SOUTHERN WV AND EASTERN KENTUCKY is scrambling to get tickets for will be held on reclaimed land which used to be a mountaintop mining site.

There is expected to be 100,000 people in attendance which is approximately 10% of West Virginia's population. I can guarantee you that there is at least another 10% trying to figure out a way to attend.

Every year Massey Coal sponsors this event. It is completely paid for by the company and no expense is spared.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Who needs coal mining? - Topix


comparison of 1995 WV and 2009 WV

I tried to get the same satellite views but I am not a pro so please forgive any discrepancy. The first view is WV 1995. The second view is WV 2009. I tried to get a view around 2000 but there was not one available. Apparently filming WV is not a priority.


I tried to get the same satellite view but it wasn't possible because of the difference in satellite technology between 1995 and now.

The first view was taken in 1995. I tried to get a view around 2000 but none was available (filming WV is not a top priority in the world) The 2nd view is present day.

Fatty Catty in all her Glory

Sunday, August 30, 2009