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I CAIN'T GET NO SATISFACTION! - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

I CAIN'T GET NO SATISFACTION! - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

I was so furious.  I took the chair out to the dumpster and I picked it
up and slammed it on the ground so it would splatter into smithereens
just like a rock star destroying a guitar and what happens....

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!{#basic-blush.gif}

I'm not strong enough to throw a good, old fashioned temper tantrum
anymore.  I slammed that chair on the ground a couple of more times and
still it held up under the pressure.  I was so tired I had to sit in the
stupid thing a couple of minutes to rest. {#cheer.gif}


made a trade with a woman in the building.  I gave her a pretty little
breakfast set that I adored.  In return she gave me a broken down table
(different from the one she showed me in her apartment), 2 dining room
chairs that she had upholstered herself and matched my couch, and an
ottoman that matched the dining room chairs.

The guys came and
took my breakfast set to her apartment and came back with my stuff and I
couldn't believe what I saw. She had stripped off the unholstery on the
2 chairs and to add insult to injury she had left the material on the
ottoman.  So now I had a cute, little ottoman and 2 god awful looking
chairs that had no backing or seat on them - just a dried up gluey mess!

I had looked at the chairs she had asked me if I wanted her to take the
material off the chairs and I told her no.  The material was the reason
I wanted the chairs.  She told me how easy it was to upholster
something and I told her I had no interest in doing the upholstery
work.  I had never done any and I didn't want to learn.  She said okay
but she still ripped the stuff off the chairs anyway.


it was I was just stuck.  So I decided to throw the chairs away. 
Normally when we have furniture to give away we stick it on the loading
dock and whomever wants it takes it.   I was so mad I wanted the
satisfaction of tearing the chairs all to hell so that is why I took the
chair out to the dumpster and started bashing it on the ground!  It
took me about 20 tries for the leg of the chair to finally splinter off
before I have up my dream of smashing it to smithereens and threw it in
the dumpster.

I was so tired I had to rest at least 3 times while I
was doing it and that PISSED ME OFF EVEN MORE.  Sometimes I hate my
failing body.  I must have been one hell of a sight because the crazy
guy that talks to himself all the time and lives in his own little world
got a heck of a good laugh watching me!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Riding the Dragon - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

Riding the Dragon - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

upon a time there was a town in a valley.  It was a sleepy, little town
and all the townspeople were happy.  Life was good.  It was good
because they knew how to appease the dragon.  As long as the dragon was
happy then the townspeople were happy.

So, life was simple.  Feed the dragon and it will leave you alone and you can go about your daily lives.

was going well and it had been so long since the people had seen the
dragon that they forgot he was there.  So, one day they quit feeding
him.  The dragon noticed the change but he had gotten fat and lazy
because he had been satisfied for so many years.

When the dragon
didn't get mad the first day then the people thought, "oh wow, we've
been working hard all these years and now we have stopped and nothing
bad has happened.  We will just not worry about the dragon any longer."

of course this didn't sit well with the mighty dragon and after a few
weeks when his shelves became bare he had to leave home.  He was so
hungry he ate the first food he saw.  He ate 2 people who were on their
way home from the park.

So the second day he came out and he saw a
zoo and he ate a giraffe and a hippopotamous and a monkey.  Many people
saw them and they ran away afraid.

They were so scared they
didn't want to take any food to the dragon.  So then the dragon had to
come out again and he was really hungry so he went to the mall.  The
mall was full of food and he swooped down to get a big mouthful of
terrified shoppers but as he flew through the mall Kendall saw him and
took a flying leap and landed on his back!

Well this really made
him mad and he started to flutter and flap and bobble and blap but 
Kendall held on for dear life.  This gave all the shoppers a chance to
get away.

Since all the food disappeared and there was a strange
woman on the dragon's back he decided that he had to go home and try to
get the woman off his back.  But Kendall held on.  By the time the
dragon got home he was so tired from not having food and from having a
woman on his back that he went to sleep.

Kendall knew this was her
chance.  So she went and got all his favorite foods so he wouldn't have
to find any people to eat.  The dragon had bananas and limes and
pudding and cheeseburgers.  There were piles and piles of cheeseburgers.

dragon was so happy when he woke up that he gave Kendall a free ride on
his back.  Kendall had so much fun that she promised to give the dragon
cheeseburgers and bananas everyday.  The people were happy that the
dragon was happy so they made sure to send the food everyday.

Then they lived happily ever after in their sleepy, little town because Kendall was a hero.

(written for my 8 year old niece, Kendall)

I come from good stock - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

I come from good stock - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

This is my great aunt Sally Farley Williamson. She has a gun slung over her shoulder.

This is her brother, my
pepaw, Deputy Floyd Farley. He is wearing his badge and his gun is
slung across his lap. He is going into the hills to hunt moonshiners.

What Really Happens When You are Dying - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

What Really Happens When You are Dying - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

At some point most people ask themselves
what they would do if they knew they were dying.  The answer is not what
you may think.  People dream of doing the stuff on their bucket, daredevil stunts or maybe making sure loved ones know you
love them.  That's not what happens to most people.

Most people
run into a wall real fast.  It's called finances.  You can't travel if
you don't have money (at least if you don't want to backpack across
America or something along those lines).  If you do have money then you
run into other problems.   I assume most people who know they are dying
have medical issues.  Usually these medical issues involve a whole host
of physical symptoms which preclude travel or being a death defying

Everything becomes a chore because you get weak.  Even
driving gets to the point where it is hard.  Travel is hard if you have
to schlep oxygen canisters everywhere you go.  Then there are
considerations of bodily secretions that were never an issue  from the
necessity of keeping a restroom nearby because of fluid pills to the
entire forests worth of tissues you use because you can't stop spitting
up "stuff".  There are new diet demands because something as simple as
too much salt can wreak havoc on you.  And God forbid you miss a dose of
medicine and end up back in the hospital AGAIN.

Family and
friends actually abandon you.  It makes them uncomfortable to be around
someone who isn't the person they used to be.  They say things like you
are too young to be this sick....well tell my body that why don't you? 
And oh yeah, I'll alert all my doctors and tell them what you think
about the situation.  You reach out because you think that the one
bright spot to being unable to work any longer is that you will have the
time to spend with people you care about that you never had before
because you were always working.  But generally there is rejection at
every turn.  People think you are coming around because you want
something.  They don't understand that all you want is to spend time
with them...afterall you never did before.  Or some will hang out with
you for awhile but then dying takes longer than they think it should and
they go on with their lives and just kinda "forget" about you.

there is the battle to get SS disability.  I'm sure they make it so
hard because they want you to die so they don't have to pay you
anything.  I was told when I was first diagnosed with heart failure that
Social Security was pretty much automatic.  It still took 9 months to
get approved.  If you are someone with disability insurance then
generally it only pays about 1/10th of whatever wages you were getting
so you better have been getting some damn good wages for it to support
you.  The good part is you can still work and make money with Social
Security Disability up to a certain point...then you get too weak to
work and you have to make it on Disability payments while listening to
people comment about you sucking the system dry - even though you paid
into it for your whole life.

There there is medicare and
medicaid.  You have to navigate those waters so your doctors will get
paid - even if it is less than they usually get but that's why they jack
up your bills in the beginning so they can make up for the shortfall. 
And most doctors don't care if you are dying, they aren't going to see
you if you can't pay them and you can't pay them if you can't work.

feels decadent to get out and enjoy a sunny day.  My idea of being bad
is a Pepsi and a bag of potato chips or a hot dog because they are so
loaded with salt and chemicals they cause problems all on their own. 
You can't drink alcoholic beverages because of medications and if you
try you generally get sick or react to it in a way that is in no way
fun.  There is the benefit of the "free buzz".  Most of my heart meds
have a label on them that they cause dizziness...and they do..out of

 Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow.

My Great Great Grandparents - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

My Great Great Grandparents - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

John W. "Humpy" Bevins, my
great, great grandfather on my mother's side (her dad's grandparents) I
just got these pictures yesterday. I discovered a cousin on facebook
and we have been exchanging old pictures. I never knew who my great
grandparents were...much less the great greats.

Cynthia Jane Hurt Bevins (wife of John W. "Humpy" Bevins)

Catherine Wallace Brennan -
my great great grandmother on my dad's side. I used to look just like
her when I was that age. (wife of John Patrick Brennan)

John Patrick Brennan- He came from Ireland about 10 years before he brought Catherine over from Wales.

It was a Different Time - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

It was a Different Time - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

I always find it interesting that people try to attach today's
values to my childhood posts. Back in the seventies things were done
differently. People gave their kids "whippins" and that is just the way
it was. There was no trying to reason with a child who was misbehaving,
mom or dad just busted their ass. When kids lost a game there was nobody
there telling them "hey, you are all winners in your own way". We were
told "well if you want to win, you have to practice harder." And you
know what? Practicing harder worked a lot of the time.

We knew if
we went in a store and threw a "screaming candy fit" that there would
be severe repercussions when we got back to the car. We sure didn't get a
piece of candy for doing it. If mom and dad decided to order the family
a pizza they didn't order "just cheese or pepperoni" because "Johnny"
didn't like anything else. "Johnny" was told to "pick the onions off!"
Parents sure didn't drive from drive thru to drive thru (there was no
such thing back then!) for each member of the family. We all went to the
same restaurant and ordered whatever was on the menu. Actually parents
ordered whatever they wanted and you ordered the "child appropriate"
foods that were cheaper. If we would have tried to order the most
expensive stuff on the menu that I have watched so many kids do "just to
see if they could mostly" we would have been told "NO."

It was a
different time with different ways of doing things. You can't apply
today's values to yesterday's memories. I'm not saying everything was
right, it wasn't. But things weren't done to be deliberately mean they
were done to teach you how children should behave and because "that is
how MY mom and dad did it". Of course as kids we all swore that when we
grew up things would be different. And in many cases they are.

remember talking to my niece once about being paddled in school. She
said, "You mean they actually physically laid their hands on you!" Hell
yeah they did, and if my mom would find out about it we would be whipped
again when we got home. It wasn't just my mom and dad either. It was
that was with everbody's mom and dad. So if I post a childhood memory
that includes a "whippin" I am not looking for sympathy, I am just
remembering things how they were.

Perhaps the biggest change is
peoples attitudes toward sex crimes.  We were always told that it was
wrong but if a man was caught doing something inappropriate most of the
time you were just told to stay away.  There was never any thought of
prosecution.  Anita Hill can be thanked for turning that around.  Her
testimony against Clarence Thomas may not have kept him off the Supreme
Court but it did open the door for change involving sexual
discrimination in the workplace and it also changed the way harassment
claims by children were handled...a definite change for the better.

wonder how priests and scout leaders could get by with what they did
for so long.  It was because that was the way things were done back
then.  So, in this case change was good.

Letter to myself 7/30/04 - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

Letter to myself 7/30/04 - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

7/30/04 - 42 years old

Things are going well. I have
set some short term goals and I am meeting them.  Daddy is doing well
and we have settled into what seems to be a good working routine.  My
blood pressure is terrible and I am learning to let go of all
unnecessary stress.  This includes what should be ordinary stress of
everyday life, but since I definitely don't live an ordinary life I have
had to redefine what stress is for me.

I had not realized until
lately what an emotional toll the divorce took on me.  It has taken me 9
years since I left Bobby and 6 years since the divorce to rebound.  I
see a future starting to formulate beyond the dream stage.

I have
been finding homes for dogs from a puppy mill.  It was a slow start but
things seem to be falling into place.  Even my credit is improving for
the first time since the divorce. I realize I am just starting to
rebuild my life even though I thought I was doing it all along.

10 Goals

1.  Lose weight

2. (can't read it)

3.  give myself a break

4.  write a book

5.  learn computer

6.   make money

7.  move

8.  make new connections - both business and personal

9.  get glasses

10. learn something new

many years I used to write myself a letter on Christmas and my
birthday. I thought they were all lost when I lost everything when I got
sick 7 years ago. I found this one today.

I guess I don't need to write these letters anymore since I started blogging my ass off 6 years ago

She Spent Her Life Collecting Memories instead of Things - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

She Spent Her Life Collecting Memories instead of Things - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

That's what people say when they reach the end of their time and they don't have any material possessions.

have to say that in my case I made a conscious choice to create
memories at a young age.  I grew up in a home where we wanted for
nothing....nothing material that is.  But I realized at a young age that
something was missing in our home.  I didn't quite know what it was
until I left home though.

You can't miss what you never had.

were missing a closeness in our family that most families have.  A
sense of belonging and knowing that no matter what somebody had your
back.  We were missing unconditional love.  Love in our household was
meted out just like money.  The more you accomplished the more you got.

I left home and met Bobby Jeffrey.  He showed me that there were people
that could love you no matter what you did...good or would
still be loved.  For most of our marriage we didn't have a lot of money,
but we didn't let that stop us.  We used to bask in the glory of each
other no matter where we were or what we were doing.

Then there
came a time when we were making plenty of money.  We still made a
conscious effort to make memories.  Some of the most fun times we had
were when we would dress up in our craziest tourist attire when we lived
in Florida.  We would play our West Virginia Twang to the hilt and
spend the day at some tourist trap having a wonderous time.  Not only
did we have fun but the people around us did and there was many a time
that employees would go the extra mile for "those crazy hillbillies"
because we were obviously enjoying ourselves so much.

Now I'm a
little older.  I'm not old exactly but I am in poor health.  I can't go
places and I can't do things but what I can do is relive the fun
times...and sometimes the not so fun times because I lived a life that
was full.  People wonder how I keep from getting bored now.  It's easy.

I'm a dreamer...always have been...always will be.

of the first things I realized when my health took a turn for the
worst.  I had all this "stuff" laying around and I knew without a doubt
that nobody would want most of it.  None of it mattered because...

"you can't take it with you."

I Wrecked Because of Pure Stupidity - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

I Wrecked Because of Pure Stupidity - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

I was going too fast in the snow.  I didn't think I was but
when your truck ends up sitting on the guard rail of the interstate then
obviously you were doing something wrong.  And I was.  I was driving
too fast for the road conditions.

I had just moved back to West
Virginia from Florida after living down south for 5 years.  I should
have taken into consideration the fact that I had not been on icy roads
for a few years, but "NO", "NOT ME," "Not Super driver!"

I started to say, " in my defense,"  but there's not one so I won't waste my time with that.

was coming down a mountain on a 4 lane highway in a line of about 5
cars.  I decided that I didn't want to be in the back catching all the
slush and muck from the other cars so I got into the other slush covered
lane (there weren't even any tire tracks in the thick, wet snow) and I
proceeded to pass the other cars.  I was going around 50 mph.

as I got to the foot of the hill in a gently sloping curve the back of
my truck decided that it wanted to be the front of my truck.  I started
doing doughnuts at 50 mph!  Here I was whirling and twirling, completely
out of control, watching as I spun out between each and every car I had
just passed.  It was a nightmare come true.  I have to give credit to
the other drivers for not hitting me.

 I was in the truck with my
70 pound greyhound and she was flung into me as the truck spun around. 
The force of her body hitting mine is something I will never forget and
is an excellent argument for strapping your kids in.  Even if you have
your seat belt on they become 70 pound projectiles!

What I didn't
feel as I was spinning like a top was all 4 corners of my truck hitting
the guard rail at some point!  But you could sure see the damage after I
got out of the truck.  It was obvious after looking at my truck sitting
on top of the guard rail that only a tow truck was going to get me out
of my predicament.

It was so scary and I was so grateful that ALL
of the cars I had just passed pulled off to the side of the road to
make sure I was okay.  This was in the days before cell phones and a
kind man in one of the other cars offered to take me and Queenie (my
greyhound) to some place safe.  My dad was a car dealer - hence my
feeling of being an indestructible driver - I was a car dealer's
daughter after all.  So he drove us to one of my dad's car dealer
friend's lots and I called my dad from there to come get me.

good samaritan tried to go to my truck to get Queenie out and I stopped
him.  Queenie was a gentle soul who never offered to bite anyone in her
life but when a dog is scared and potentially hurt it isn't a good idea
for a stranger to approach them.  So I got her out of the truck and she
was none the worse for wear.  She went to sleep as soon as we got into
the man's car and she slept at the car lot until my dad got there to get

There was surprisingly little damage to the truck.  As I
mentioned all 4 corners were dinged in but other than that it looked
fine.  But the insurance company still totaled it because it probably
had tons of damage to the undercarriage when it was dragged off the
guard rail.

My dad was kind enough to give me another truck since
I was in the process of divorcing my husband - hence my move back to
West Virginia in the first place.

Pudgy's New Favorite Spot - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

Pudgy's New Favorite Spot - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

He's on the little table
where I keep my laptop. When he gets mad he knocks decorations off the
tree. At the rate he's going I'll be able to take the tree down by

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This Sounds Like a Lie but It's Not - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

This Sounds Like a Lie but It's Not - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

We all call in sick to work sometimes when all that is wrong is a
touch of spring fever.  Most people just call in sick with a little
extra effort to sound stuffy and/or miserable.  Then we get that mighty
cure called a day in the spring sunshine.  It doesn't take much to
uplift the soul and if you are earning minimum wage it is well worth the
money you miss out on to take advantage of a glorious day.

I had
to call in sick once with an excuse so implausible that even my boss
said there was no way I could make it up....and I wasn't.  All 3 times I
used it when I had to call in.  In fact I was highly irritated that I
had to use valuable sick days on something so stupid.

I had to
tell my boss that I couldn't come to work because there was a trailer
blocking my road.  I don't mean a tow dolly type trailer or even a
little van that workers use to pull their tools around.  I mean a small
house trailer that people live in.  At least I hope somebody was living
in that stupid trailer but I'm not really sure.

I was living up a
hollow in West Virginia.  I was working on building my very own 35 acre
farm full of all the animals that I always dreamed of having.  But to
fund this farm I had 3 jobs and I had to drive an hour each way to get
to any of them.  The last quarter of a mile was a dirt road that you had
to actually drive across a creek to get to it.  I don't mean you drove
on a bridge over the drove THROUGH the creek.

were a couple of families that lived on that last little stretch of road
before you got to my house at the end of the hollow.  The family
closest to me was a quiet family that you never heard from.   That was
not the case with the first family that lived right beside the creek. 
This family liked to party.  They liked to party with all the good ole
boys on the hollow before you got to our little piece of the pie.  So I
would drive by and wave as I went to and from work while they were
kicked back having a good time or doing whatever piece of meanness that a
bunch of drunks in a hollow in WV can cook up on a Saturday night.

day I left my house and there, right smack dab in the middle of the
road was a trailer.  All the guys were gathered around and I knew there
was a problem as it was sitting kind of lopsided in the road.  It turns
out that they had decided to move the trailer from one guys house a
couple of miles down the road to the house that was at the mouth of my
hollow. The trailer had bottomed out.  One end was up on the main road
blocking it.  The other end was buried in the dirt of the road on the
other side of the creek.  And by the look of things it was wedged in
there good while all the drunks were gathered around trying to figure
out how to get out of this predicament.

When they saw me they
gave a friendly wave and my neighbor came over to tell me he was sorry
but it was going to take some time to get the trailer out of the road. 
He didn't really know how long it was going to take either.  I told him I
needed to get to work and he just kind of mumbled an "I"m sorry" and
turned away telling me they would get it out as quick as they could.

had to go home and call my boss.  I told him I might just be late for
work but from the look of things I really didn't think they were going
to get the trailer out of the way any time soon.  I worked night shift. 
I was supposed to be there around 9 or 10 (I can't remember now) and I
left between 6 and 7 in the morning.  The last time I checked at
midnight the trailer was still there.  They did have it moved the next
day though.  Fortunately my boss thought it was funny and so did I and I
put the time to good use at my house.

It wasn't so funny though
when I had to call him 2 more times over the next few months because the
good ole boys decided to move the trailer again.  The second time they
put it back where it was to start with.  Then the 3rd. time they moved
it back by my neighbors again.  All 3 times was on a Saturday night. 
All 3 times they were all drunk and decided they needed to move the

And that was the craziest story I ever told when I called in sick to work.  Not one word of it was a lie.

Have you embraced your inner klutziness? - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

Have you embraced your inner klutziness? - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

I have. I gave up the fight
years ago. Life became much easier when I decided that I was a natural
born klutz and to embrace it - not fight it. So now when I trip over
the crack in the sidewalk that isn't there or do that silly dance with
someone who I run into on the street I just laugh it off and go on my
merry way.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A couple of Primo jobs I didn't get - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

A couple of Primo jobs I didn't get - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster When I lived in West Palm I applied for a couple of jobs I didn't get. The one I really wanted and didn't get was as a lion keeper at Lion Country Safari. The woman who was the keeper unfortunately got mauled, so they needed a new keeper. It was terrible that it happened but she accidentally left a gate open when she was feeding them which led to her attack. Basic safety protocol was not followed and I didn't have a problem following this protocol to take care of such majestic beasts. The only problem they had with giving me the job was that I had never shot a gun. You had to be prepared to shoot the lions at all times in case of emergency. (they have never had to shoot one but you had to be prepared to do it) The manager told me that it was a plus in a way because they could train me to shoot. They called my references and even told them they were going to hire me but it didn't happen. I don't know if they found somebody more qualified (and not many people were) or if it was because the last thing the manager asked me is if I had any parking tickets. He was laughing and I told him no - and I didn't have any. But I think upon reflection he was asking if I had ever been in trouble and I had when I was a teenager. I missed the meaning in his question though because he was so flippant about it. I had no problem telling him about it if I would have known that was what he was asking. The other job I applied for was as a keeper at a rare monkey and bird sanctuary. That would have been a wonderful job but it was pretty much a 24/7 job and I was married and they didn't think that made me a good fit. Also they needed someone who had a strong maintenance (as in fixing tractors and farm work) background. I could do routine things that you may find around the house and even build fences (I was a world champion fence builder/tearer downer) but I didn't know anything about fixing engines. That would have been a really cool job. They had monkeys and birds that sometimes there were less than 10 or 20 left in the world. So every life was crucial. My attitude was that all animals are crucial even if they aren't rare and I took care of them to the best of my ability. Both places loved that part of my attitude but unfortunately I didn't make the cut at either one. It was a blow to my ego both times because I was used to getting any job I wanted in the greyhound business, because I had the reputation of quality work and people knew me in my little world. All I had to do was make it known that I wanted a job and it was mine. Such is life. {#add_best_wishes.gif}