Saturday, August 13, 2011

oooohhhhh!!!!! fattycatty is PISSED at me

Apparently she didn't appreciate my efforts to reunite the 2 puppies with their owners this morning. I locked her in the bedroom for the few minutes the pups were in the house (it is actually her bedroom anyway). Then when I left after the puppies left I forgot to let her out of the bedroom.

I was gone about an hour.

When I got home I opened the bedroom door and she made a beeline for the kitchen. (where I had blocked the puppies in) SHE REFUSED TO ENTER THE KITCHEN BUT STOOD AT THE DOORWAY ALL HUNCHED UP LIKE ANGRY CATS DO WITH HER FUR STANDING ON END AND A LOOK OF PURE HATRED FOR ME!

She was already pissed about the crawdads...but now with the smell of the pups in the kitchen she has evidence of my being unfaithful.


Crawdads are Viscious Creatures

I am building a terrarium of small West Virginia creatures and plants. I found a large cracked aquarium by the dumpster and hauled it up to the house. When I went to the park the other day I caught some minnows and crawdads.

First I made a mini aquarium out of a flower pot. I put sand and rocks from the creek with one of the crawdads and some of the minnows. I dug up a root bound plant I have and put the roots in the water so they would have the oxygen they need.

The crawdad is doing great. I was fascinated to watch him rearrange his house like a bulldozer moving boulders and dirt to suit him. I also googles crawdad food. Apparently they eat minnows and rotting leaves and vegetables and such. Right now their are rotting minnow carcasses floating all around him. The computer also said that they would eat each other!

In the bowl that I left the rest of the minnows and 2 crawdads in, I am now short a crawdad. I guess they had a battle to the death and one is dead and missing a claw. There seems to be a shortage of minnows now too.

When I finish my terrarium I will have a separate home for the minnows and crawdads. The crawdads will be able to walk from water to land and will be joined by a turtle at some later date. I have plenty of plants to make them a lovely habitat as well.

I Have THE Knack

I have written before about how I have a knack for reuniting lost animals and their owners. Well, I've done it again.

I went out at 7:30 this morning to put my netflix movie in the mailbox. Just around the corner were 2 lab puppies playing in the street. They were about 8 weeks old and having a blast. They were obviously well cared for and it was just as obvious that their owner was not aware of the high old time they were having in the middle of the street.

I watched them run into a yard and I started to leave them but I have never seen any animals at this house so I just couldn't go on with a clear conscience. I got out of my truck and sat on the blocks at the end of the yard and the pups bounded up to me and wanted a few seconds of petting before they continued with their play.

I knocked on the door of the house where I was at but their was no answer - too early I figured. So I picked up the pups and put them in the back of my truck. I posted a sign on the telephone pole across the street and took the pups home with me. I asked one of the residents who hangs out in front of the building to keep an eye out for someone looking for pups.

I took them home and blocked them in the kitchen and I called Eddie. Eddie takes a walk every morning. He came up and saw my adorable puppies and I asked him to modify his walk to the block where I found the pups. I knew someone would be looking for them very soon.

Eddie returned in about 10 minutes. He had the owner of the pups. The man thanked me profusely. He said he had already been around the block 4 times looking for them.

He did not live in the house where I thought the pups might live.

It was 8:15. They were back home within 45 minutes of me finding them. The key to returning lost animals is speed. The longer it takes to get them home the more likely it is that they won't make it.

Friday, August 12, 2011

How I Got My Perverted Sense of Humor

Why is it better to have a truck full of dead babies than a truck full of watermelons?

Because you can't use a pitchfork with the watermelons

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Picnic at the cemetery

From left to right: Uncle Toby, Betty (my mom), Anna Farley (Granny), Bud(uncle), Edna Ruth (my aunt is standing) and Mary Ann (the baby of the family)My mom told me it was common in those days for families to picnic at the cemetery. They would take a picnic basket loaded with roast beef sandwiches and jars of milk and spend the day at the cemetery. It was a way for neighbors to get together as well as to be close to loved ones.

A little family history

My Granny Farley had 5 siblings. There names were Thernie, Bernie, Thelma, Anna and Edna. Anna was my granny. She was the next to the youngest. They were orphaned when granny was 5 years old. She was the next to the youngest. I am not sure about the birth order of the rest of them other than Edna was the youngest.

After their mother died. (none of their fathers were in the picture). They wandered southern WV, living with whomever would take them in and give them work gardening, canning and such.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My $100,000 Video

On my 32nd. birthday my husband gave me a parasailing trip in Jupiter Beach, Florida. It was a memorable day and here is why. First we went out on the boat but there was no wind, so we took a quick dip in the ocean. The water was beautiful and clear and about 20 feet deep and I was proud of myself for jumping in because it was something that I was always too afraid to do before. We swam around a little until the breeze kicked in and then got back in the boat.

Now this is all on video from here on, but it is not too much fun to watch because Bobby was trying to film me from the boat while it was bobbing on the water. You really can't see anything other than me on camera for a second here and there before his hand is jerked away by the action of the waves. If I would have had the camera though it would have been a $100,000 video because what I saw scared me to death and the people on the boat had no idea what was going on!

The boat took off and I flew upwards harnassed to the parachute. I went up several hundred feet (I think so anyway). I cruised at that height for several minutes. It was so high that it was completely silent and peaceful and the view was astounding. Before I took off they asked me how deep I wanted to be dipped into the water. I told them to dip me to my knees. I thought it would be a hoot to be flying along behind the boat trolling the water with my feet.

Anyway when they started to take me down for my big dip, I looked down to see that they were setting me down directly on top of the biggest fish that I have ever seen! It was shaped like a shark (and not a small one either) but of course I don't have the knowledge to confirm this. It was definitely big and I was going to land right smack dab on top of it! I started to kick and scream and the guys on the boat ignored me. Then I started trying to shake the support ropes and kicking and screaming even more and they just laughed at me! I was pointing straight down at the fish too but that wasn't helping either. Finally I started to make a cutoff motion across my neck and they got the message. They pulled me up. I was so relieved that I almost cried.

They took me about 100 yards and this time they lowered me into the water to my knees. I was positive that the giant fish was going to come after me and chew my legs off. I was being trolled perfectly like the worlds biggest piece of bait on a hook! They probably dragged me 100 yards or so in the water and then they pulled me up.

I went up high again and I kept pointing at the fish, but they never seemed to get the message. When they finally reeled me in I was telling them about that fish way before my feet hit the boat and of course they were all greatly amused by my story. They told me everybody kicks and screams when they go down for the dip so they really didn't think anything about it. If I would have had that video camera then I would have had proof of the greatest fish story ever!