Saturday, August 27, 2011

Am I the Only Person Who Didn't Know this Money Saving Secret?

The people in this building do a lot of stuff to save money. Most of which I would NEVER do. However I have learned one good trick. When you are out of pickles, take a cucumber and cut it up and put it in the leftover juice. They are great!

You can do the same thing with hot peppers as well.

Friday, August 26, 2011


1. Who was your first friend and who is your oldest friend? (someone still here)Suzanne and Sis

2. Who is your newest friend?Eddie

3. Give us the link to one of your favorite blogs. (written by you) I still don't know how to do that.

4. Have you and another member met each other in person over the last 6 months? no

5. Which one of your virtual friends would you like to meet? Yoga's Penguin

6. Who do you follow? Penguin

7. What's the last thing you did that made you laugh at yourself?

8. Name the last good movie you saw and the last great book you read? Space Camp and Breaking Dawn

9. What is your favorite reality show? America's Got Talent

10. If you were the star of your own reality show, what would you name it? Pam's Pets

11. Give us a link to a funny blog. can't

12. What do you do for a living? disabled and parttime cashier

What sort of jobs have you held over the years? greyhound trainer, cashier

What would be the perfect job for you. greyhound trainer

13. What would you like to learn? to properly use a computer

14. What is the first thing you do when you log on to thoughts? check my blog

15. Do you read more than you write or write more than you read? write more than I read

16. What is the best present you've received and what is the worst present you received? Best - money Worst - there are no bad presents

17. Did you ever get caught re-gifting or have you been re-gifted? yes and yes

18. What celebrity do you resemble? physically no one - the character most like me is Elly Mae Clampett

19. Are you silly or serious? Both

Are you an introvert or extrovert?Both

20. If given a plane ticket to any location, where would you go? Beach

21. When was the last time you had fun! Yesterday


Do you have an interesting link to share? no

The Calm Before the Storm...and Then the Aftermath

I lived in West Palm Beach, Florida, when Hurricane Andrew hit. We were spared any damage fortunately but I had prepared for the storm just in case. What struck me most was the night before the storm I was outside looking at the sky. The clouds were in a gigantic, beautiful pinwheel formation that I had never seen before or since.

Also my dogs were quite agitated before the storm. Of course, Levi, would have been agitated anyway because he was terrorized by even a small rain storm. But this time my other 2 dogs did nothing to console him, they just joined him in his panting frenzy. I ended up medicating all of them instead of just him.

I didn't evacuate because traffic was bumper to bumper on all roads leading from the storm. In retrospect that was a mistake. I figured that someone would inevitably breakdown or wreck and I didn't want to be trapped in my car during the storm. I also had a kennel full of greyhounds that I had to tend as well. What I observed after Andrew was that even though all the homes were in splinters scattered across South Florida, all the cars were intact. They may have been tossed into trees or completely battered and beaten but they were at least still whole and a person could survive if they hunkered down in the floor board.

I actually slept through the storm. I went to sleep before it started and I woke up to a bright sunshiny day. Unfortunately I also woke up to a devastating migraine. I went to get out of bed so I could get to my kennel and I could not raise my head off the pillow the pain was so bad. I suppose it was due to the drop and rise in the barometric pressure. This is probably what also cause the can of biscuits to explode in my refrigerator - my worst and funniest casualty of the whole storm.

When I turned on the television I was surprised to see that Miami (specifically Homestead)had turned into a war zone. It was completely razed.

I would also like to point out that all of my major credit card companies (i.e. Sears, Penny's and various Visa's and Mastercards) all extended an automatic grace period for hurricane victims so they could use their money to get back on their feet. In many cases people didn't have jobs to return to, so this was a huge help.

I sent all my hurricane supplies to Miami on the 3rd. day when they started begging for help saying the government was not responding. They were on television begging for food, water and even tampons and toilet paper - they had nothing. I was tempted not to help because as some of you know I had an absolutely horrid experience when I lived in Miami when I couldn't get medical help that I desperately needed. I kept thinking about the one woman who did try to help me though. I like to think that the stuff I sent down there got to her.

I also donated my Teddy Ruxpin and Grubby the Worm dolls. After the hurricane the children were being housed in tents provided by the military once they finally stepped in to help. The kids weren't allowed out to play because the grounds were too dangerous for them with so much debris.

Also it was said that many of the animals escaped from the Miami Zoo. Some of them were recovered. Many more went into the Everglades and now you hear about giant anacondas and such roaming the swamps and reproducing there as well.

Customers are Germ Factories!

1. How many of you take your money out of your wallet and THEN lick your finger and count it? Then you hand your spit covered money to me to put in my drawer and while I use hand sanitizer all day long I do not disinfect those bills that you have just polluted. And we all know there are worse things than spit on them.

2. Never buy Carmex in one of those little tubs by the register. They are not safety sealed and I watch people all day long, pick up a tub and open it and put it to their nose and sniff it! Then you come behind them and put it on your lips.

3. All that candy by the register is covered with sneeze germs and little kids slobbery hands.

4. I actually had a woman put a kid with a pissy bottom on the counter the other day. I closed my register to disinfect it but I guarantee you that other cashiers are not so concientious.

Here is a list of my other 6 picks for America's Got Talent.

I originally listed them in my reviews section way back when

1. Landau Eugene Murphy (My hometown boy)

2. Kinetic King

3. Anna Graceman


5. Professor Splash (I have wanted to see somebody do that since I was a kid! The only way it could get any better is if he would dive into a glass of water - haha)

6. Steven Retchless

Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Picks Are Screwed for Next Weeks Semi Final on America's Got Talent.

When the season started I picked my top 9 favorite acts to make it to the finals.

7 of them made it to the semi finals.

Only one of them (Lys Agnes) was in last nights show.

That means that 6 of my picks are left to perform in next weeks edition of the semi final round.

They will only pick 5 acts out of the 12 performing.

The law of averages says that I won't get all five which would mean that I just missed one of my picks.

I guess I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

When a Tree Falls

One time my husband, at the time, was cutting the top out of a tree behind his mother's house. His sister, Jeannie, and I were holding the guide ropes to make sure the tree fell in the direction he wanted it to fall. Jeannie and I were just standing there nonchalantly holding the ropes talking with each other when we heard a tremendous crack and a rip and the top of the tree started to fall.

We both looked up and I thought, "it's going to fall on us!"

Then I thought, "no, it's not."

Then in a major panic I realized that the tree was coming straight for us. The only thing I had time to do was dive behind a nearby tree to shield myself.

It worked. The tree crashed to the ground all around me - on both sides of the tree that I was hiding behind there were nothing but large, green, leafy branches. But I was safe.

However, I looked over just in time to see a large branch actually bounce just above Jeannie's head just like a yoyo. I could swear that it actually touched her face before it popped back up in the air and settled in it's final resting place. She had frozen in place! She was standing there, with her mouth wide open, looking in the air at the branch just inches above her head! She had not moved an inch. It was only by the grace of God that she was still alive because there is no reason that the very large branch should not have cracked her skull!

I Never Had Lice in My Life Until...

I went through my entire childhood without lice. I was one of the few who made it through beauty school with no lice. This was unusual because when a customer would come in with it they wouldn't even finish the haircut. They would send them home with a recommendation about how to take care of it and then they would shut down all 4 stations (which were connected in a square) and make everybody disinfect everything around them. Usually the students who had the patrons with lice would end up with it anyway and so would the people at the surrounding stations.

I never got it once.

I did hundreds of haircuts over the years for the guys at the track and I never got it either. Then I started to do haircuts during my lunch at Fruth. One day I was cutting, she who shall remain nameless' hair, when I saw a nit. She is very clean but she had picked them up anyway. Then, dummy me, was nice enough to check her children for her. They both had full scale infestations. She bought the medicine to treat herself and her kids and begged me not to tell anyone so I didn't because she had taked care of the problem.

Two Weeks Later I Had Lice in my very long, very thick, blonde hair. I treated it at least 4 times before I was finally satisfied that I had no critters. The bad part was that I had to tell everyone in the store that I had them so that they could check themselves. It was one thing for one person in the store to have them but quite another for 2 to have them.

I also kept my mouth shut about where I got them, even though I explained that I wasn't the only one in the store to have them. EVERYBODY BLAMED ME! It didn't matter that I had discoved the problem on someone else and innocently had them transferred to myself. I was the one they knew who had them. I could have kept my mouth shut and hoped for the best but that is not my way. I wanted to make sure that everyone in the store didn't end up with the little critters!



For the umpteenth time in my life I had to take the heat for someone else's actions.

Here's What Happens When the ATM Spits Out the Wrong Amount of Money

(at least at my bank)

I went to the ATM yesterday and I only wanted $10. When the ATM kicked into gear nothing came out and it went through the cycle 3 times before it gave me $5. The receipt also showed my balance at -$10 instead of -$5.

So I tried to call the bank but they were closed. The lobby was already closed. Then I remembered that the drive thru was open so I went to the window. She looked up my account and assured me that the balance was correct - it was showing -$5 by this time. I guess it needed a few minutes to correct itself.

So, all was well.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Super Pam Strikes Again!

As some of you know I am a one woman Superhero. I dare to step in where others fear to tread in my battles to save the underdog or some such silly cause as I deem worthy. I nearly got myself killed yesterday when I stepped into the heat of battle but I probably saved a young girls life.

I had just spent all of my energy taking out the trash and staggering to a picnic table to rest when the kids in the parking lot of the school next door started to argue. At first I ignored the hullaballoo thinking it was the usual playground fare. Then one of my neighbors joined me and pointed out the rhetoric was getting more heated than usual and she delightedly settled in to watch.

I looked over and I was shocked to see two teenage girls (one holding a toddler) not only arguing but the blonde girl was actually pushing the black girl (who was holding the baby). They were surrounded by the usual schoolyard crowd of screaming kids and I started to hope that the black girl would at least hand the baby off to someone else since the blonde girl obviouly had no respect for the fact that she was holding another human being.

At the same time this was going on, my neighbor was cackling with delight. I was quite shocked by her behavior since she is probably the most amiable person in the building. Since she didn't seem to think someone should intervene I sat back and prayed for the best because I was still too tired to go anywhere else and I had forgotten my cell phone on the charger in my apartment.

Then I looked over to see this gargantuan boy who was at least 250 pounds and over 6 foot tall start to argue with the black girl. She had at least handed off the baby to someone else and the blonde girl was off to the side. All of a sudden he ripped off his backpack and picked the black girl up over his head and bodyslammed her on the pavement and then dropped down on her in a classic pro wrestler move! This kid was so big that he is the kind of guy that football coaches salivate over and he should never be allowed to perform that kind of move on a full grown man - much less a teenage girl. Then he got up and it was obvious that he was going to continue his attack as all the other screaming kids cheered him on.

I jumped up yelling for him to stop but no one could hear me. My stupid neighbor ran across the parking lot to basically revel in the melee and do nothing to help. I had no choice but to get up and walk over to the fence that separated us and yell again, "I have called the police! They are on their way! "

This got their attention. I looked the big, ole boy right in the eye and told him if he was still here when the police got here that I would be testifying against him. Then I almost went into one of my cussing tirades when I saw the murder in his eye had been redirected toward me! He actually took about 4 steps toward me when I righteously turned heel and stomped back to the picnic table. I made it look as if I were thoroughly disgusted with him but in truth my heart was on overload and I was having trouble breathing and I didn't want him to see my weakness because intimidation was the key to my success in stopping the fight.

They disbanded. I sat there resting and trying to breathe. My stupid neighbor went inside and I am quite sure she never called the police as I asked her to because she didn't want to get involved.