Friday, February 18, 2011

Oh Those Horrifying Teenage Years!

This is my 9th. grade picture - zits and all! I loved this outfit though. I was the queen of cool in it.

7th. Grade

This is my 7th. grade picture, I had just had my first real haircut. I couldn't figure out how to properly style it though. I remember one day my music teacher came up and told me how much she liked my new haircut.

It did wonders for my self esteem! Lord knows I needed some!

Headstart Picture

I'm pretty sure this is my headstart picture. Back then you went to headstart when you were 5 years old in the summer before the 1st. grade. My teacher's name was Mrs. White. I don't really remember much about her other than she had white hair. I do know I liked school very much - enough to stop sucking my thumb during the daytime while I was there!

5th. Grade

I loved the 5th. grade. Mrs. Ferrell was my teacher and I was her pet. My best friend Suzanne and I had a wonderful time at school all day. (she was very artistic) That was the year the P.O.W.'s came home from Vietnam. We did not realize the seriousness of this event. We made up P.O.S. signs (prisoner of school).

We used to play battling tops during recess if it was raining outside. Outside I was an expert 4 square player and the boys lived in fear of my kicks to the shin!

That's Me!

When I was born my dad had to leave for Japan (he was in the Navy) 5 days later. My mom says he wouldn't take his eyes off me and changed my diapers and did all my feedings.

Me and Billy

This is my brother Billy and I. This picture sat on the dresser in my Granny Brennan's bedroom for as long as I can remember

Why does head lettuce last 3 times longer than the processed lettuce?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Logan High School 1980

I was ready to save the world at this point. I am proud to say I did save just a small portion of it - just not the part I intended to.


I made this collage for my mom a few years ago.

(top left)my Granny Farley and Mary Ann standing with my cousins, Toni, Little Man and Bunky in front of my cousin's house.

(2nd. top) Mommy beside of her house plant. She loved that plant. (plastic) She gave it to me when I left home.

(3rd. top) Mommy beside of car the time we went swimming with my cousins in Gilbert.

(4th. top) My Aunt Edna and Mommy on the front porch of Edna's house. That is Toni holding the puppy on the stairs.

(bottom left) Beautiful Housewife Pose

(bottom middle) All of us kids playing. I don't know whose adult bottom that is?

(bottom right) Picnic in Gilbert. Edna and Mommy. I am sure my dad or Don took that picture to embarrass them. They are fixing sandwiches for us out of the trunk.

I don't know who this is

I don't know who this is, I am hoping someone from my family identifies who it is someday. I found the picture in one of my Granny Brennan's photo albums.

10th. anniversary picture (1992)

This picture was taken for our 10th. anniversary. (1992) We were just starting to make it in the greyhound business. We had just had our first litter of puppies and everything we had worked for was coming together.

Soon after this I talked Bobby into shaving his head. (He looked much better bald!) We went to work the next day and told everybody that he came home drunk and I shaved his head to teach him a lesson. Everybody believed it.

I was furious with the girl who took the picture. Everytime she walked past me she would flip my hair back over my shoulder. I guess she was jealous.

My Granny Farley told my dad...

"the devil owed me a debt, so he paid me off in son-in-laws!"

Bruno Who?

Several years ago when I was working at a kennel in West Palm Beach the trainer I was working for transfered to a kennel in Miami. I was saying good-bye to him with a friend and the last thing he did before he pulled out was to reach over and grab me and lay one hell of a kiss on me. He kissed me so hard I got rug burn from his beard.

Jeannie and I went to the commissary after he left to hang out a little and many of the trainers were hanging out as well as my husband. One of the guys asked me if I had seen Bruno leave and I said yes.

Jeannie piped in, "Boy, oh boy, did she ever say good-bye to him!" She said it in such a way that of course everybody honed in on her and wanted to know what she meant by that. She laughingly told them about the kiss and everybody started to tease my husband. He took the kidding as good naturedly as any many could who was just hearing that his wife had been kissed by another man. The other guys spent the day making sure that they didn't let him forget about it either.

I got home from work last that night. Bobby met me at the door. He had flowers waiting and we had a very romantic night. Every so often when we were involved with each other he would stop everything and say, "Bruno, who?"

He made sure that Bruno was the last thing on my mind that night. It was a wonderful evening.

Monday, February 14, 2011

We Were EXPERT Bartenders

When we were kids our kitchen had a snack bar in the center of the kitchen. This snack bar curved around 3 sides of the "island". "The Island" is how my mom referred to the stove. She would cook our meals and we would be perched in our spots around the snack bar.

My brother's spot was at one end and my spot was at the opposite end. My little sister, Rhonda, sat beside my brother. There was a no man's land between my sister and I which was otherwise known as my dad's spot.

We used to love to pass the salt, pass the jelly or pass anything else that needed passing - just like a bartender in a saloon. We had so much fun passing things that we slid things on the bar for no reason what so ever. We got so good at passing stuff that we could even curve stuff around my sister's plate without ever spilling a drop from the glass we were passing or hitting her plate. This intricate pass manuver was known as "putting the English on it".

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My New Favorite West Virginia Joke

"I hope I am in West Virginia when the rapture comes!"


"Because it takes 20 years for everything to get here!"


Everybody here thinks this is so funny because it always seems like we are 20 years behind when it comes to fashion and other trends.




Last night I went into A Fib again. Now I am weak and tired and achy. I'll lay in bed a couple of weeks (and putter around the house) and then I will work on getting stronger again.

This gets so old. But this is what life is like with heart failure. This is "National Go Red for Heart Health" month. So this is my bit to promote a little heart health. Don't let yourself get in the shape I'm in.

Life is so boring when you have to lay around all the time!

Here is a list of my daily meds:

1. Diovan 160/12.5 mg (pm)

2. Diltiazem 240 mg (am)

3. Metaprolol 25mg (am and pm)

4. Torosemide 20mg (am)

5. Xyzal 5mg (am)

6. Spironolactone 25mg (pm)

7 Potassium 40meq (am and pm)

8. Ranitidine 300 mg (am and pm)

9. Benadryl 25mg. (pm)

That is what I take every day to stay alive. If I have some other kind of problem which is about 1/2 the time then I take other stuff as well.