Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Billy 4th. grade

This is my brother, Billy, when he was in the 4th. grade.
That is the year that he hit Mrs. Browining, a pink haired little old lady (his teacher). Everybody was scandalized. That was also the year he threw the circuit breakers when the teacher was in the bathroom.
She retired after that year.
The next year his 5th. grade teacher, Mrs. Craddock, also retired at the end of the school year. She had blue hair. That was the year he got in trouble for taking all the newspapers out of the newspaper box every morning and selling them at school.
He always was looking for a way to make a nickel. He was a young Alex P. Keaton, even before there was an Alex P. Keaton.

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alilbit said...

He looks so sweet and innocent too ...ha ha! Sounds like his teachers were characters off the simpson's