Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Sister was the first girl in little league in Logan County

Rhonda was the first in little league in Logan, WV. For all I know she was the first in the state. She was so far superior to the rest of us that we weren't any competion for her. Of course I take full credit for her athletic ability. We showed absolutely no mercy to the little kids who played with us in the back yard. Absolutely "no do overs". (unless an was around to force the point anyway).

The second in little league was Liz Hainer (she lived about 1/2 mile from us and was Rhonda's best friend) and the third was Sis. Sis lived next door and was even younger than Rhonda.

At first Rhonda was relegated to the minors (because she was a ). She was actually good enough to be an Allstar. Finally the last place team in the league got so desperate for a good player that they drafted her. She was one of 3 players in the entire league who could throw a ball from the centerfield fence to homeplate without a bounce. She was also of one of 3 players (different group) who could hit a homerun over the centerfield fence! Stealing bases was not a problem for her either. The was just good.

I drove her to her first game. At first I sat in the bleachers listening to people ask in amazement "Is that a !". (I guess the long brown hair to her waist gave it away) Then the comments started (negative and positive) about a in little league. Finally I had to stand up and announce, "Yes that IS a . She's my sister and I am proud of her". Things calmed down after that. After they saw how she played the criticisms ended immediately. The parents were glad to have such an asset to their team!

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