Monday, September 28, 2009

30's Reunion

I was told this was a picture from a Farley Reunion in the 30's. I don't believe that is correct. Many of the girls in the back row are holding what are probably Bibles. I believe it is a Bible class for young people. I recognize my Aunt Edna as one of the 2 girls in the second row wearing white dresses (the one on the left).

I believe after looking at an enlarged version of the picture that the face of someone was scraped out of the picture deliberately. There is also an arrow pointing down to the belly of the plaid dress.

From family history stories I believe I know who the girl in the plaid dress is but this is one time I think I will keep my mouth shut in this blog. I will do this out of respect for someone I love who would be mortified if I told what I know.

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