Friday, September 4, 2009

Piping in Sunshine

There is a phrase around here.

"They live so far up a hollow, they got to pipe in sunshine"

I always thought it referred to people who were considered to be "backward hillbillies". One day I learned what the phrase really meant. I was going to look at a little place called Frog's Creek that my husband had just rented. This was an unusual move for him. Usually I was the one to pop up and say, "hey, guess what, we're moving." He found this place and called and told me he found the perfect place for us to live and he had already rented it. I was not going to be able to see him that day, so he gave me directions to it.

I was driving through a maze of hollows that I had never been to when all of a sudden it became so dark that I literally had to stop my car on the spot! I was wearing sunglasses and I took them off to look around and I saw a beautiful glade that was so shaded by trees that it was too dark to wear sunglasses and drive any further. It was the middle of a beautiful afternoon too.

I started to laugh because that phrase, "they have to pipe in sunshine," immediately came to mind. I drove on to our new place and he was right.

It was perfect.

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