Saturday, November 28, 2009

The first time I remember seeing Rudolph

I was in the hospital. I was five years old. I was getting my tonsils taken out.

I can remember my dad running around the hospital looking for quarters because that is how the tv ran in those days in the hospital. (of course that is the recollection of a 5 year old so take it for what it's worth)

My mom made sure I got all the ice cream and milkshakes that I could want to eat. The doctor okayed it. Apparently those things make firey tonsils feel better.

I guess Rudolph made me feel better too. It's a good thing because I can also remember that it took 3 or 4 nurses to hold me down to give me a shot. I remember being in the operating room and them holding me down while I was screaming because they were putting a basket covered with cotton over my face (chloroform?)

After it was over I ate french fries and more milkshakes and when I went home I got to hang my "shotter" on the Christmas Tree.


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