Friday, December 4, 2009

Florida Christmas

In Florida if you don't decorate for Christmas it will pass you by. However you can get away with decorations that you won't see anywhere else. I had a friend whose Florida style decorations were so good that his house made the cover of the Palm Beach Post one year.

He had plenty of lights of course and the traditional tree and maybe a Santa I think. What set his house apart though were the 2 lighted blue dolphins on the front of his house. There was a big one and a little one. One for Daddy and one for his little girl. They looked like they were leaping out of the water.

What was really special though was the 8 feet long red lobster with blinking green eyes on his roof. It was outstanding. It would look probably look stupid anywhere else but in Florida it set just the right mood.

That was the year that I probably had my best outdoor decorations ever. I had plenty of lights. I had giant melaleuca trees in my front yard. I draped the lights around them so that they looked like Christmas Trees when they were lit up. I think there were 4 or 5 of them.

In my window I had on display my animated Santa and Mrs. Claus, Rudolph was there and my 2 elves , Crip and The Bookkeeper. (The Bookkeeper oversees the naughty or nice list) They were all lighted and moving in unison. People would actually stop by the road to take pictures of my house that year.

My neighbors erected a lighted cross in front of their home which fit in perfectly with my decorations. I loved it. I had several people complain about it saying it looked like a burning KKK cross. I told them that the cross symbolized the true meaning of the season and I was proud that it was there. It is sad that such a symbol can be perverted to symbolize such an awful thing.

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