Friday, December 11, 2009

My Santa Hat

I love my Santa Hat. Apparently a lot of other people do to because they keep asking me where I got it. There is nothing special about the hat itself. It is just the typical furry, red and white cap with a white pom pom on the tip. What I do have as a special embellishment on the front of the brim is a crochet American flag with a yellow ribbon fastened to it. My mom gave me that flag. She used to wear it on her nurses uniform. That is what makes my Santa Hat special.

Then of course I have my pink Santa Cap to match my pink clothes. I have a lot of pink clothes because it is my favorite color. It has pale pink fur around the brim and the pom pom. The main part of the hat is darker pink satin with sequins all over it. It is also an extra long Santa hat. It sounds cheesy but it is really pretty. I saw a video on youtube the other day and the girl was wearing my hat. She looked pretty good in it. Of course there is only one Mrs. Claus, and that is me!

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