Wednesday, December 16, 2009

When You Got It, You Got It!

Well "it" happened again yesterday.

I went to Fruth to pick up a Christmas Tree (now there's a long, boring story in itself!) I was standing there talking to my friend, Kathy when I looked down to see a little girl of about seven years old standing by my side just beaming the most star struck smile I have ever seen in my life at me. She actually looked a little crazed to me and the look on her face kind of creeped me out. I did recognize "the look" though and so I spoke and she raced back to her mother's side.

Kathy and I laughed and continued to talk when I looked down again and there was the same little girl standing beside me, grinning with that same huge smile again. Once again I spoke to her and once again she ran away. Kathy looked at me and said, "Pam, they love you so much. Isn't that sweet." Now, Kathy is like Old Mother Hubbard. No one on earth loves kids as much as she does and we have worked together long enough for her to recognize "the look" also. The really weird part about it is that I wasn't working. I didn't have on my Santa hat or my Mrs. Claus button and I didn't recognize that little girl or her mom as regular customers.

Kathy and I started to talk again when once again I looked down and for the third time that little girl was there again, right by my side, with that big, ole, half-crazed with delerium smile on her face. Her eyes were shining with happiness just being in my presence. I tried to speak to her again but she was too shy and ran away for the last time. This time Kathy got irritated. I really shouldn't say irritated, I should say jealous! She said, "I just don't get it. I LOVE kids. They don't act like that around me. You can't stand them and they flock to you like you're a magnet or something." I had to laugh at her irritation because she was right.

I told her, "when you got it, you got it. There's nothing I can do about it." By "it" I mean the Christmas spirit. I have an overabundance of it and when little kids see me they know it. Nobody has to tell them. So gather up some Christmas spirit while you are here reading my little stories and go out and spread it around. It's free you know.

Mrs. Claus

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