Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bruno, Who?

I once had a boss named Bruno for a couple of months. He was a nice guy. He was from Switzerland. I used to enjoy listening him talk to his girlfriend on the phone in Swiss(?). It kind of had a sing song tone to it. Anyway...

Bruno was leaving for another job and I was saying goodbye to him. All of a sudden he reached over and laid one hell of a kiss on me. It took me completely by surprise, in fact I was so surprised that I didn't stop him. My friend Samantha was standing there and she died laughing. When the kiss was over he just turned around and walked away - never to be seen again.

Sam and I went back to the commissary and everybody was hanging out in there including my husband, Bobby. We were both smiling at each other and one of the guys asked me if I had seen Bruno leave. Sam and I burst out laughing and she said, "Boy, did she ever!" I laughed and said, "oh, yeah!" This of course got everybody's attention including Bobby's.

I said, "He said bye and then he gave me a bad case of rug burn with the kiss he gave me!" Sam was rolling in the floor by this time and everybody started laughing and of course turned to look at Bobby. Bobby was standing there with a big forced smile on his face and bobbing his head like he had a habit of doing when he was irritatedtrying to take all the good natured ribbing he was getting. (he knew there was no way that I had anything at all with instigating that kiss) After a couple of minutes of the guys hooting and hollering, Bobby excused himself. Then of course they started to kid me about being in trouble but I wasn't worried about it. Bobby and I trusted each other.

I didn't see Bobby all day due to conflicting work schedules. That night when I got home he had dinner waiting and flowers and we had a wonderful lovely night together. Every so often though throughout the evening at strategic moments he would ask, "Bruno?"

I would just reply, "Bruno, who?" He worked hard at making me forget that kiss from Bruno and it was one of the most romantic nights we ever had.

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