Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Robbery Aftermath

Tina quit today. She is the cashier that had the gun stuck right in her face.

I went to my dr. The stress was causing me to have chest pain. I am now on medication for PTSD.

I talked to Anna. She was up front with me during the robbery. I need to tell her how strong I thought she was and I keep forgetting. I WILL let her know. She is still dealing and trying to stay strong. We both feel that we can only be truely honest with each other. Other employees who weren't there are starting to say we should be over it by now. They don't understand. Even more employees who weren't there are feeling guilty because they feel they should have been there.

I tell people "it is what it is. Do your best and move on."

The man is being held without bond.

The woman has a 1/2 million dollar cash bond set.

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