Thursday, April 15, 2010

The West Virginia Brown Dog Society

I would like to announce the formation of "The West Virginia Brown Dog Society".

This is a wonderful breed of dog native to southern West Virginia and treasured by all who have the privilege to just be around one. If you want more information about these dogs just let me know. I have personal access and I can get you one.

These dogs are loyal, loving and they adore kids and other animals. They are medium sized (about knee high). Not to mention the fact that they are brown although there are occasionally spots on some of them.

Each dog will come with a numbered certificate of authenticity so that you know you have the real McCoy! Of course the AKC doesn't recognize the breed but that is part of its charm.

Get one now before they are gone!

Some of you are already members of the WVBDS, this is an open invitation to the rest of you to join our group. The only requirement is that you must love dogs.

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dmkehler said...

Hi. I am looking for info on this breed. We adopted 2 female puppies from a rescue. We were told they may be WV brown dogs. Can you direct me to a source for information/pics? I'd like to learn more.
Donna K