Friday, August 20, 2010

A Kiss on the Hand for Me

I made taco's yesterday out of ground beef and tomatoes that were donated to me to feed people. I saw my friend, JT, coming in the building and he looked like walking death. I think he has pancreatic cancer but I am not sure exactly what is wrong with him because his mind is so bad right now.

I took him a plate of taco's, mac/cheese and sliced cucumbers. He was so grateful that I thought he was going to burst into tears. He kissed me on the hand to show his gratitude. Moments like that are why I do the things I do - it's all the thanks I need. He asked me where to return the plate to (I was out of paper plates) and I told him even though he used to know my apartment number. More than likely he won't remember to return it but I have too many plates anyway so it doesn't really matter.

(I fed 2 other people tacos as well ) Thanks to my aunt Patty and uncle Gerald for the food donations. I still have more food to give out.

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