Thursday, October 14, 2010

I am on SS disability. Here is my monthly budget.

I am on disability because I have heart failure. I work, but I can't work enough to support myself. I get $784 monthly from SS Disability. That is close to the maximum. When they told me what I would get I asked why my cousin who has never worked a day in his life gets more than me and they told me it is because he is on a different program. Apparently you are better off if you never work at all.

I work at a pharmacy as a cashier. I get around $270 month including taxes. Since my rent would be $90 a month cheaper if I didn't work, that means I get around $130 for working. If you meet someone on disability who tells you they aren't allowed to work, that is wrong (unless their doctor says it). Social Security wants you to work, both for the satisfaction of working and because you are still paying into the system.

I get $16 in food stamps. People laugh at that. I say it is a couple of packs of chicken and one pack of hamburger that I couldn't afford otherwise.

Rent - $281. It will go up to $307 on December 1st. It is going up because I got a better prescription drug plan this year. I am in government housing and any money I spend on medical bills comes off my rent. If I did not work my rent would be $218 on December 1st.

Truck payment - $245

Truck Insurance - $99

Netflix - $19 - I don't have cable or a computer. I use the computer at the library.

The balance goes to food mostly. I am on a special diet for my heart. It is expensive. Before I got sick I could eat on $30 weekly. Now it is probably double that.


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