Monday, December 6, 2010

i AM mrs. claus

(my husband and I)

I have been playing the role of Mrs. Claus for several years at work now. I have several Santa hats and I always wear Christmasy colors. This year I even have a pink santa hat that goes with all of my pink clothes! To top it off my name tag even says "Mrs. Claus".

It is a pretty special feeling when strange children look at you this way. A few come up and ask me if I am really Mrs. Claus. I always point out to them that it is illegal for me to wear a name tag that has someone else's name one it. This seals the deal for them. I ask them if they want me to deliver a message to Santa for them, and they always do. Their parents just stand there and chuckle.

Several times last year I looked up to see small children beaming at me. They are usually around 4 or 5 years old and they do not know me. I just happen to look up and I see a little face with eyes glowing and a big ole smile. One little girl walked up while I was helping another customer. She tugged at my shirt and proceeded to tell me what she wanted for Christmas and about her early birthday presents (turns out her birthday was on the 22nd.) Happily the customer I was helping waited until this little girl was finished talking to me to get what she needed.

My friend Gletta is one of those people who don't believe in telling kids there is a Santa Claus. Last year her little granddaughter was in the store and started to make fun of me and was yelling that there was "no such thing as Santa Claus". I of course objected. Gletta actually told her granddaughter that if there was anybody in the world who really believed in Santa Claus then it was me.

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