Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Story of the Exploding Biscuits

When my mom was a teenager her sister, Edna, married the love of her life, Don. They had been staying with my grandparents for awhile after they were married. There came a time when they found their own place to live and they were in the car on a super hot, humid, West Virginia, summer day in the 50's driving to Crystal Block Hollow to their new place to live.

As good parents do when their children move into a new place they had plenty of groceries for them. Everything they needed to start their new lives was piled in the car with the whole family to boot! All of a sudden there was an explosion! A missile went whizzing past my mom's head and hit pepaw in the back of the head. Then another and another. Big blobs of biscuit dough were flying all over the car which created one hell of a panic since nobody knew what had hit them! It turns out that there had been a can of biscuits in the back window and the heat from the sun caused the can to explode sending biscuit missiles all over the car.

I find this hilarious and so does my mom. For some reason she says my aunt doesn't think it's funny though.

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