Friday, October 28, 2011


When I lived in Huntington I lived in a house that had a wheelchair ramp for my dad. One Halloween a little boy around 3 years old came tromping up the ramp in his cowboy boots with his little cowboy hat askew and yelling, "Halloweeeen! Halloweeeen!" He was saying "Halloweeeen," instead of yelling, "trick or treat!" He was absolutely adorable.

He fell in love with the ramp. His mom and I talked for a couple of minutes while he marched back and forth along the ramp having a grand old time. It came time for them to leave and his mother said, " Come on, Austin, it's time to go." Well Austin would have none of it. He laid down on his back and started to kick and scream and throw a class A temper tantrum. Of course his mom was apologizing the whole time while trying to reason with him to get up and go.

Finally I looked at Austin and said, "Austin, you are welcome to play on my ramp all night long if you want to, but while you are here all these other kids are going to these other houses and getting ALL the candy!" Little Austin immediately bounced back up and raced down the street squealing, "HALLOWEEEEN! HALLOWEEEEN!" He was the cutest trick or treater ever!

Later that night on his way home Austin made sure to swing by my house and march across the ramp a couple of more times.

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