Friday, November 11, 2011

I'm getting a better deal than I thought

I only have to pay $276 for my rent this year. This is because I have spent so much on my medical bills that it comes off my rent.

I thought that the base rate for rent was $335. (meaning the most I would have to pay) Apparently they have raised the base rate to $438 since I have moved in. I thought I was saving $59 a month off my rent but I am actually saving $162 a month off my rent.

If you want to know the truth, these apartments are a bargain at $438 with all utilities included. All these nutty people who have lived in government housing their whole lives walk around complaining about the most stupid things around here. If they would have bothered to do anything with their lives and live in the real world for awhile they would know how great they actually have it.

A comparable apartment in the real world would rent for at least $600 plus utilities. I also have a safety net of knowing that if I get too sick to work then my rent could go down to as much as $50 monthly. That's why I'll probably be here until the day I die.

I have already lived here (almost 3 years) longer than I have lived anywhere in my life. I always moved according to my needs at the time. My worst nightmare was to have to live in the middle of the city in a highrise and that is exactly where I have ended up, but it is actually quite nice (other than the people here). The grounds are almost as good as living in the middle of a park.

I am fortunate.

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