Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Things I Miss from Past Christmases

1. I miss singing Christmas Carols. I can't sing anymore because of my low oxygen.

2. I miss fruitcake. I don't miss eating it. I miss buying it for my dad because he liked it so much.

3. I miss my Granny Brennan's crochet work. Every year she would make snowflakes or angels or some sort of Christmas handiwork. I especially miss the crochet stockings that she made for each of us. Some how mine was lost when I first got sick.

4. I miss making the rounds to see family and friends on Christmas Eve. This tradition started when I was a kid and I kept it up over the years. Now I don't even travel to see anyone on the holiday. It is just too hard.

Except for number 4 that is really a trivial list. I am fortunate that I will have a good Christmas.

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