Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Another Episode

Just keeping track.

If I have one more this month I'll go ahead and call my heart doctor.

I had just put my laundry in the washers this morning when my heart messed up. This presented a problem because I can't leave it in the washers or at the very least people will bitch and at the worst somebody will steal it. I couldn't get it out either because the last thing you need to do while having an a-fib attack is do laundry. The situation would have been comical if it hadn't been so serious.

So I had to wake Eddie up at 4:30 in the morning to go downstairs and do my laundry. It was a good thing he had spent the night because otherwise I would have had to go to a couple of friends apartments and try to wake them to do it for me and I didn't need to be running all over the building either.

So he got up and did my laundry. Bitching the whole time but at least he did it. (he always bitches, that's his way) It's like water on a ducks back, you don't even notice it he does it so much.

When he finished my clothes he left for home and I thanked him. He has called to check on me but he knows I just have to lay around and sleep for another week.

I was too busy yesterday morning but I had to clean my apartment for an inspection and then a doctor appointment and then grocery shopping. I had also cut back my celexa to 10 mg. (with doctor permission) because I had spent a week not eating until I had the shakes. But I upped the celexa again this morning and I will just have to force myself to eat.

I have lost 20 lbs in the last two weeks. That is wonderful but it too fast and that could be why my heart screwed up as well. Who know? I just fix things one problem at a time and go with the flow.

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