Saturday, July 7, 2012

good deed alerts

Well, all over West Virginia neighbors are helping neighbors as the power failure situation drags on. Last night there were still 78,000 people without power. They got over 100,000 online again in just one day.

In the past couple of weeks Fruth has donated around 50 gallons of milk and other groceries to people at Lee Terrace and Pastor Rick's food pantry. I gave Fruth Pastor Rick's number because I was unavailable to pick up some milk and other stuff they had. His church has a food pantry, an after school program and he feeds people here in the building as well.

I have been trying to do little things for Eddie in appreciation for him helping me in the power failure.

Lou went home last night. She finally had power and she was so happy. We had fun while she stayed with me. In appreciation she gave me a 32 inch tv that she wasn't using and even hooked up my dvd/vcr players and antennae box to it. I had 2 tiny tv's and one was hooked to the antennae and one to the dvd/vcr because I couldn't figure out how to hook it all into one.

Now I will wait for someone in the building to need a tv and I will give them away. One was given to me anyway.

Lou also took me to Shoney's breakfast bar yesterday and I had another fantabulous meat sundae. mmm mmm good. I bought her dinner at taco hell.

In related news, no good deed goes unpunished. I tried to help my mom out last week and she responded in her usual cutthroat fashion. Nothing new there. All I know is I helped her to the best of my ability. Nothing else I can do.

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