Thursday, April 23, 2009

Childhood Playmate Dies

One of the kids I used to play with died. (she's not a kid anymore of course) Here is a funny Johnna story...

Johnna and Billy,my brother, were wrestling. Johnna got mad. She was about half Billy's size. She had Billy down on the ground, just pummelling away at him. Billy started to roll to get away from her and she started to chase and kick at him over and over.

Billy was rolling and Johnna was kicking away when one of those kicks got lucky and landed perfectly in the family jewels. Of course Billy doubled over in pain so bad he couldn't breathe. Johnna was too little to know what she had done and stood over top of him asking him over and over, "What's wrong Billy? Why can't you play with me, Billy?"

The rest of us just stood there chorteling over the sight because we had never seen a groin shot before. Also it was obvious that Johnna had no clue as to why Billy was incapacitated.
Sympathy was NOT in our vocabulary when it came to each other's injuries.

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