Monday, July 6, 2009

Devil Anse Hatfield's Final Resting Place

This is a video I took of the Hatfield Cemetery in Sarah Ann, West Virginia. There used to be a sign at the entrance that said:

"Devil Anse Hatfield is buried here. He was the leader of his clan in the bitter family feud with the McCoys. A life-sized statue ed from photographs and imported from Italy marks his grave. "

Either the weather or vandals have torn it down.

(I tried to post it here but it I couldn't get it to work. The youtube video is blurry. There is a much clearer copy at my multiply blog along with other video from the cemetery)

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Gary Carden said...


Is the Hatfield that was in the Matawan massacre (I think he was the sheriff) a descendant of Devil Anse?
Just curious. I also remember reading about a Hatfield that used to keep a chained bear in his front yard. I even read a little book once called "Wait Til I Reel in the Bear" written by a guy who visited him.