Saturday, July 4, 2009

I had a great 4th.!

I woke up feeling good so I jumped in my car and I went to Logan to my FAVORITE hotdog place. I have been craving them desperately for a few weeks now. They were excellent. I took the back roads to get there so I could enjoy the scenery and not really have to worry about going through seatbelt checkpoints and other pain in the ass highway nuisances.

My goal was to go to the Hatfield Cemetery where Devil Anse Hatfield is buried and film it. I accomplished it also. I went there back in February when I was staying at my Granny's house but I wasn't able to even attempt to get up the hill to it. It is about 100 yards up the mountain. Today I took my good old easy time - which is how I do everything by the way. I made it. I had to rest more times than I can count but I got my video. I am going to try to post it but that will probably be a whole another story in itself!

On the way to the cemetery I was sidetracked by a stray puppy I saw by the road. I stopped but it ran away. It was trying to eat something off a piece of paper so I threw a hotdog (complete with chili and slaw) where it was trying to eat and I left. It was pitiful. It was about 3 months old (typical West Virginia Brown Dog). It was eat up with mange. It had very little hair and it's skin was scabbed over and leathered from the severity of the disease. More than likely I would have just had to take it to the pound to put it to sleep but at least it would have been out of it's misery. Sadly it was right in the middle of a "good" neighborhood with barking dogs in every yard and nobody wanted to take the time to help the little feller. If nothing else just so their own pets wouldn't catch the mange. Sigh - I shut up about it now.

On the way back from the cemetery I stopped by my 84 year old Granny's house. She is looking quite healthy now. She is old and feeble as you would expect an 84 year old woman to be but she recovering from the stroke she had last year quite nicely. Her birthday is on the 6th. I videotaped her talking about life in general. I tried to get her to say "hi" to her kids and I was going to send the video to them but she couldn't quite grasp what I was trying to do. So I just filmed a few minutes with her - just because.

Then I stopped by my mom's house. It was locked up tighter than a mauseleum (sp). She was home but she didn't answer the door. I left the picture that I put up for my avatar today in her mailbox. It is my favorite childhood picture of the 3 of us.

Then I came home and took a much needed nap. I am paying the price for going up to the cemetery now. Hopefully it won't take me long to recuperate. We will see.

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