Wednesday, September 16, 2009

K's Hound (part 3)

Wayne had been there about a week when a little dog named K's Hound was in. He checked her over to make sure she wasn't hurt before her race but he took her off the stand and said, "Little D piece . You grade off tonight." She was on her last line in D which means that if she didn't run a 4th. or better the track would not allow her to race anymore.

I turned around in a panic because I knew that if he let her grade off they would kill her. "NO! You can't do that. She can run. She's hasn't been running because she's afraid of Al." I told him.

He turned and looked at me and the distress in my eyes, "What do you mean?"

"I mean. Al was mean to her. If he lost money on a dog in a race he would come in and take it out on her. She's terrified of him. Me and Kim have been running interference for her for weeks. Please don't let her grade off. All she needs is somebody to treat her right and she will run. I know she will." I told him that I hadn't reported him for abuse because I couldn't prove anything and Kim had promised to keep Al away from K and she had. (Kim was Al's girlfriend)

He got a determined look in his eye and he put her back on the stand. "Come on baby. You get the special treatment today." Then he gave her a massage until she was so relaxed she actually fell over. He put a blanket on her to help the linement do it's job and put her to bed.

That night she won. I went to pick her up with a huge smile on my face and he was there smiling at me. "Don't worry, she's going to be alright now. " And she was. She was never a great racer but she farted around in C and D and made money for her dogfood. That's all she needed to do.

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