Saturday, September 26, 2009

Spelling Bee Champ of West Virginia

Picture number 3 is my Uncle Bud (Lloyd Farley) - I think. He won the state spelling bee when he was in the 9th. grade. A great source of pride for the family for years.

Picture number 2 - who knew they had trailers back then. If you look at the enlarged picture you can see lunch buckets hanging from the window. The trailer is setting up on railroad ties and the front step is a railroad tie. There is also an antennae on the back of the trailer. It used to be my Uncle Bud's job to run the line. (If the antennae went out he had to follow the line to the top of the mountain and fix whatever was messing up the reception.) I guarantee you that was a sucky job to have!

Picture 1 is my mom playing at a washtub. It looks like she has a push broom in her hands to me. There is a sledge hammer by the steps and corn shucks are scattered around the trash barrel that is full of ashes.

hmmm...looks like I need to go back and enlarge a few pictures. I have just figured out how to do that and the details you can see are pretty cool from a historical perspective.

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