Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My House is on Fire and Nobody is Bothering to Tell Me !!

About 15 years ago I had just gotten out of the shower and I decided to kick back for awhile and watch my soaps. I was sitting there completely naked (I sleep in the nude) and I decided to smoke one. I lit it up and all of a sudden I saw a fireman run past my window!

I think, "What the Hell !" Then another fireman runs by and it looked like he was going into the apartment next door. (I lived in a duplex)

I sprung out of my recliner and looked out of the window and there were firemen running everywhere. Then I saw the firetruck and I thought, "Oh my God, Betty's apartment's on fire and nobody's bothering to let me know." I started to fumble for my clothes and I raced to put them on and I ran out the front door. All the firemen were running past me and none of them were paying the slightest attention to me! I couldn't understand why they weren't telling me to get out of the house or bothering to see if anybody else might be home ( which they weren't).

I walked over to the corner of the house and peeped around the side of the house. I was cautious because I didn't want to get in the firemen's way. Then I saw the firemen fighting a huge fire. Betty's half of the duplex was not on fire though. It was the house next door.

Apparently the shortest route for the firefighters to use to that burning house was through my yard.

What a relief!

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