Saturday, July 31, 2010

Famous West Virginians

General Chuck Yeager

1. Jennifer Garner

2. Brad Paisley

3. Mary Lou Retton

4. Don Knotts

5. Joyce Dewitt

6. Bob Denver(Gilligan) lived here for the last 20 years of his life

7. Soupy Sales

8. Pearl S. Buck

9. Chuck Woolery (people from Huntington like to claim him even though he was born across the river in Ashland Kentucky)

10. Jerry West

11. Anna Jarvis (founder of Mother's Day)

12. Randy Moss

13. Charles Manson(ya gotta take the bad with the good)

14. Jessica Lynch (Iraqi War Prisoner)

15. Booker T. Washington

16. Kathy Mattea (country music star)

17. George Brett (baseball player)

18. Chad Pennington

19. John Amos (actor)

20. Bobby Bowden (football coach)