Wednesday, January 5, 2011

She Ran Over My Hair!

I used to love to roller skate. My cousin, Jane, and I used to go to the park and we would pull each other with the car. One time Jane was driving and I was holding on to the back side window of my Horizon. Jane saw a couple of good looking boys and slammed on the brakes! This caused me to go down parallel with the road! I was looking right at the back tire hubcap and I saw my long, blonde hair actually get run over by the wheel!

Fortunately she realized what she had done and she speeded back up and this enabled me to get my balance and then she eased the car to a stop. It would have been so easy to get my hair twisted in that tire and have my head pulverized! Another time I was lucky to be alive. We never pulled each other with the car again.

I continued to roller skate in the park though. One time I fell because I was skating down a little hill. I broke the outside of my hand just below my little finger. I didn't tell my parents because I knew my mom would ban me from skating anymore. I was working at Burger Chef at the time and I had to carry people's trays to them by balancing them on my hurt arm. I couldn't even use the hand for a couple of weeks.

We trained to roller skate in our basement. We were so rough with each other that we could have been roller derby experts. We would whiz in a circle on that concrete floor and propel each other across the room. Not to mention the knock down, drag out rough and tumble way we skated to begin with. It was great preparation for the rather mild way we skated at the park and the roller rink every Friday.

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