Saturday, January 8, 2011

Who Made the Better Deal?

I used to work in a kennel for one of my dad's car dealer friends. (he owned a car dealership and a racing kennel). One day Brent, the trainer, walked in and started to brag...

"Lester sold that corvette your dad sold him today. He made $10,000. What do you think about that?" He said with a smug look on his face.

"Well," I replied, "If you consider the fact that Lester has had that car for about 15 years and then you compare the fact that Daddy had it for about 10 minutes and made $10,000 off Lester then I think that Daddy made more money than Lester. What do you think about that?"

Here's a little history of that corvette. Lester was getting married in a couple of days. He wanted to present his new bride with one of the 70's style corvettes. These cars were hard to find even in the 80's because everybody knew they were collector's items.

Daddy was making his rounds of carlots. (He would go from carlot to carlot looking for deals) He came across the exact corvette that Lester wanted. Not only was it a 70's corvette but it was candy apple red and in mint condition! Daddy bought it on the spot.

We drove it straight to Lester's carlot and Daddy busted Lester's ass for $10,000 ! As I pointed out earlier, Lester had the car for about 15 years before he made $10,000.

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