Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gov't Programs We Could Live Without

I know because I am part of them

1. Social Security Back Pay - when I applied for Social Security they gave me a huge back pay check once it was approved. I would have been perfectly happy just getting my monthly stipend of $714.00. (what my check was when it first started) The logic is that they owe you money from the date of your application but I quit being homeless when that check started. Now the approval process is so locked up by lawyers and government red tape that it usually takes years to get approved (which makes a bigger check for the lawyers by the way). By the time most people get approved they get thousands and thousands of dollars in one lump sum payment.

You don't have to have a lawyer to get Social Security. I did not have one. Everytime I was denied I just went back to the office and applied again. Afterall I was not doing anything but sleeping and watching tv all day anyway. A lawyer is not required for the process.

2. The government sponsored cellphone programs (i.e. safelink) I have one of these phones and I treasure it. I helped around 30 people get their phone. Most of them sold them for around 5 dollars when they got them. Now someone else has a government sponsored cellphone with 68 free minutes a month for a one time $5 fee to a goof ball who just wanted a little drug money.

3. The computer program which supplies computers to my building. The computers are used basically by just a couple of people and although Buzz (supervisor) will help you there are no lessons to help people learn to use the computer or internet. There is a library that is around 5 blocks away that serves the same purpose. Another waste of government money multiplied by my building and 1000's of others across the country.

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