Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hope Springs Eternal

I watched a story today about a female trainer who had trained a horse for the Kentucky Derby. Female trainers in the horse business are even more rare than female trainers in the greyhound industry. She also had a bad heart.

She was off work for 6 years. Things seemed hopeless and she was so sick of laying around and doing nothing that she was ready to die if things didn't get better. Then she got a heart transplant and was working again in 6 months.

I am at the five year mark (in another month). There is always the temptation to give up and just lay back and quit trying. It would be so much easier. If she can go back to training horses after 6 years then I can go back to my dogs. (I have no shortage of job offers when people know I'm still around. I just have to get strong enough to take one of them)

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