Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Once again I am the bearer of the key

1. I took back the key to the computer room today. I don't want it but there was nobody else to do it. I haven't been spending much time here for the last month or so because I am trying to get stronger and build my endurance again. You can't do that sitting at the computer.

2. I got a sticker for my truck today. I think my mechanic wants to buy my truck. That is a testament to the good shape it is in.

3. I have been getting stronger since I stopped the two heart meds last month. I still have a long way to go but I haven't had a relapse yet, so cross your fingers for me. I would cross mine but that would inhibit my activities.

4. Thanks to my friend Betsy, she bought me some chinese the other day.

5. I took a little drive today. I saw a trailer that in the old days I would have stomped on the brakes and rented it on the spot. It was a little run down trailer way out in the country that would have been in my price range. I would have been a happy camper. Who knows if I get strong again and become a normal working person instead of a part time one then I can do such things again. That's the goal anyway.

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