Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Trifecta

That's what they called us. There was Roberto and David and I working in a kennel. David was the trainer and Roberto was his brother. They were Nicaraguan. They told me they walked all the way from Nicaragua to the US when David was 5 years old. (that would have been about the time of the Iran-Contra debacle)

The only time they spoke English was when they were speaking directly to me, the rest of the time they spoke Spanish. I got pretty good at understanding what they were saying - sometimes much to their surprise. I never did get good at speaking Spanish though even though Roberto tried to teach me.

They called us "The Trifecta" because when we would ride around in the dog truck I would be sitting between Roberto and David and they were huge and dark while I was blonde and female in the middle. We had a good time even thought they were sexist pigs - they didn't mind when I would call them on it (not that I would have cared). We had a winning kennel.

One time I walked out to find Roberto trying to sell his car to someone for $400.00. When I saw the guy hesitate I stepped in to tell Roberto I would buy the car. He told me he was making a deal with the other guy and then, right in front of me, dropped the price to $300.00 after I told him I would give him $400.00. I stood there because I knew the guy wasn't going to buy the car. He didn't.

Roberto then turned to me and told me he would sell me the car. I said OK. I said I will bring you your $300.00. He said no, you said $400.00. I informed him that was before he offered it to the other guy for $300.00 right in front of me. "$300.00 take it or leave it," I said.

"I'll take it," he said, "but it's not right." he sulked away hiding a smile on his face.

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