Friday, June 10, 2011

bonk, bonk on the head...

...where did I ever learn that phrase from?

It HAS to be from a 70's cartoon or something. I can remember we went around bonking each other all over the place.

That lead to the famous helping hand song.

When we were kids we used to drill each other in the back with the helping hand. Basically we would walk around with our fist smashing unmercifully into the middle of each other's back while singing the helping hand song until somebody cried uncle!

There were no rules, just a pain inflicting fist rammed into your back (usually between your shoulder blades). The fist would follow you everywhere you went. It would start out easy and gradually become unbearable.

Here is the Helping Hand song (that was the only rule, you had to sing the song over and over as long as your fist was in the other person's back)

"The helping hand,

The helping hand,

Helps you anyway it can,

The helping hand,

The helping hand,

Helps you anyway it can"

(keep repeating over and over and over)

You guys can't imagine how hard I am laughing to myself right now.

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