Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Last Time I Got ID'ed

The last time I got ID'ed,I was 42 years old and it was my birthday. I offered to kiss that girl!

I was one of those young looking women that got carded everywhere I went. I was getting carded long after my friends stopped being carded much to their chagrin.

Back when I turned 18 it was legal for 18 year olds to drink. Now when I card someone over 21 and they complain about it, I tell them they can blame people like me. I was one of those crazed 18 year old drinkers that made them change the law back to 21 about 5 years after they passed it in the first place. We caused too much trouble for the rest of the drinking public.

One time when I was 35 and I was just starting to be able to buy contraband without being carded I went into a store to buy cigarettes for my boss. The kid carded me and I started to thank him profusely because I was starting to get out of the habit of getting carded. I don't know what was up the manager's butt that day but she heard me laughing and thanking the cashier for carding me. She marched out of the office and hatefully announced, "I want you to know, we card anyone under 30."

My good mood was not to be spoiled. I told her that, "hey, 30 is still fine by me since I am way past that day too!"

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