Saturday, September 3, 2011

No Progress on the Health Front

I had entirely too much salt last month. I went on salt overload on my birthday and it took 2 1/2 weeks to loose that weight. I couldn't walk or move I was so swollen and at one point I thought I would go in the hospital but I toughed it out.

Then when I lost the weight and the pain was over (I have learned that too much salt in my system makes me ache like a giant toothache all over my body) my nephew called and wanted to take me to dinner. I tried to steer him to a more healthy choice but like everyone else in the family he knows what I used to like and he didn't understand (like everyone else) that I don't make those food choices anymore. He insisted on Golden Corral and I relented. I was good though I only had 2 heaping plates of food.

If I would have stopped there I would have been fine but my uncle called the next day and they wanted me to join them for a late birthday dinner. I went to their house and ate more salt filled food and went back on salt overload until about last Monday.

I went to Sis's to swim on Wednesday. I thought it would be harmless. She had invited people over for dinner that I hadn't seen in years and once again I had a salt filled meal and I didn't get to swim either. So now I am on salt overload again.

I hope no one wants to see me for awhile. They are killing me!

Back to the drawing board.

I am fishing more. I'm not catching anything but I am an eternal optimist and I am sure I can learn to feed myself from the rivers and lakes of West Virginia. Right now fishing is all the exercise that I can manage.

It is too hot for that right now too. Please let the heat be over soon, then I can get out (like I did last week) and enjoy the great outdoors for a couple of months until it is too cold to go outside and I am stuck inside watching movies.

I have learned to dub my movies from VCR to DVD. I will be posting some on future blogs. I have some adorable greyhound footage that I think is interesting.

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